Google Assistant first launched as a preview inside Allo in September of last year. Support was initially limited to English, but it has since been updated with more languages. Starting today, a number of Allo’s smart features will work in two new languages.

French speakers in Canada and France, as well as Spanish speakers in Spain will now have access to the Assistant in Allo.

Other features like Smart Reply for text messages are beginning to rollout in French, with images replies coming later. Similarly the Spain rollout will also take place in several weeks.

Google Assistant allows you to quickly search, play games, and have a conversation. Meanwhile, Smart Reply uses machine learning to provide a quick automatic responses.

Back in September, Google Assistant in Allo was released in English, and later German. By December, it was released for Hindi and Portuguese, as well as Japanese days after.

Last week, Allo’s head of product Amit Fulay announced new features like chat backup/restore in Allo. Meanwhile, the messaging app is also working on selfie-generated sticker pack feature for an upcoming release.

To make Google Assistant talk in your language, just say “Talk to me in [language]” or ask it to “Speak in [language]”.

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