Google Stadia does a lot to rethink how gaming should work, and two features it includes are going to make waves when it comes to engagement. Here’s what we know about Google Stadia’s State Share and Crowd Play features.

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The primary way to interact with Stadia games is through links around the web. One type of link from Stadia is State Share. This feature allows some games to share the player’s exact state in the game and allow other players to jump immediately to that point.

As described at GDC, this would allow a player to share their spot in a game and encourage others to perhaps beat their time or high score. When shared, the game’s current state including the player’s position, health, and more can be shared through a single link.

Crowd Play also enables Google Stadia to engage livestream viewers in a way not possible on other platforms. A YouTube livestream can enable viewers to “wait in line” for their turn to play with the creator. With just a single click, users can jump into the game without anyone exchanging usernames or adding friends.


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