June 4

Apple antitrust woes could worsen as US ponders major tech giant investigation

Apple antitrust concerns are growing as the US government is now considering a major investigation into possible anticompetitive behaviors by Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. It follows an earlier report which suggested only Google was at risk.

If the probe does go ahead, Apple and Google are likely to be investigated by the Justice Department rather than the FTC …

May 31

The Department of Justice is planning to investigate Google over antitrust concerns, according to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg late on Friday evening. For the tech giant, this comes after several notable inquiries by the European Commission in recent years.

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May 28

GDPR fines total €56M in first year as Facebook faces 11 investigations

The stats are in for the first year of GDRP, Europe’s gold-standard data privacy law. GDPR fines totalled €56M, with more than 200,000 investigations, 64,000 of which were upheld.

However, the fines were dominated by a single case, with most ranging in the single-digit thousands …

April 29

Alphabet today announced Q1 2019 earnings to start the new year with revenue of $36.33 billion. It notably takes into account the $1.7 billion fine levied by the European Commission over Google AdSense violations. These numbers range from January to March, and did not meet analysis expectations with the stock down over 4% in after-hours trading.

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April 9

New Facebook terms and conditions make it liable in any future Cambridge Analytica type case

New Facebook terms and conditions agreed with the European Union acknowledge that it would be liable in any future case like the Cambridge Analytica scandal … 

April 3

Google last month announced that it would prompt European users about other web browsers and search engines available on Android to further comply with the continent’s antitrust ruling. Behind the scenes, this “choice” will be handled by the Google Play Store.

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