Android Enterprise Stories May 14

Hospitals are at the heart of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and they’re seeing a surge in equipment to help better respond. Some healthcare organizations are seeking help setting-up Android devices, and Google’s Android Enterprise team is creating a dedicated community for hospital IT admins to share resources.

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Android Enterprise Stories May 24, 2019

Google’s list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices are largely considered the most secure options for companies to hand out to their employees. As a result of the US ban on Huawei, though, Google has just removed the Chinese giant’s devices from the Android Enterprise list, and that even includes the Nexus 6P.

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Android Enterprise Stories February 25, 2019

Google and Samsung announce new Android standard for better Enterprise OEM feature controls

Samsung is the biggest name in Android today, so it only makes sense for Google to work with the company to better improve the Android ecosystem. Today, Samsung and Google are announcing a new Android standard which makes it easier for Enterprise users to control OEM features of a device.

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