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The latest beta version of the Google app includes a redesign of the homescreen Discover feed on Android 12 that revamps the header and removes the search bar.

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Android 12 Stories April 7

At the end of last month, Google released Android 12 DP2.1 to address the big WebView crashing problem. Developer Preview 2.2 is now rolling out to Pixel phones running Android 12.

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Android 12 Stories April 5

LG just announced that it would kill off its money-losing smartphone business this year, leaving many to wonder what the outcome might be for phones already in the hands of consumers. According to LG, software updates will continue, and the company even detailed an optimistic plan for Android 12.

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Android 12 Stories April 1

Even after trawling through almost all aspects of the recent Android 12 Developer Preview, things slip the net. One of those looks to be the long-overdue addition of a Google Lens translate option within the Android recent apps panel.

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Android 12 Stories March 29

Like with the first release, Google this morning is rolling out Android 12 Developer Preview 2.1 to address last week’s broader WebView issue.

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Android 12 Stories March 18

Android 12’s second preview seems about as stable as its first [Updated]

After the first Android 12 developer preview was fairly stable, the second seems to be right along the same line. It’s an exciting time to see what Google has in store for this year’s big launch. Take this as your annual warning, though, that developer previews are not for the faint of heart as early builds of Android 12 aren’t particularly stable and are sure to have issues and bugs in tow. Here are the issues we’re keeping an eye on.

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