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The Galaxy S8 is one of the best phones I’ve ever used, but its weak point is definitely the software. Despite running on top of some of the most powerful specs on the market today, the phone still has trouble with lag, and now S8 owners are reporting an issue with the phone randomly rebooting.

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Motorola got serious about building out a community of hardware makers for its Moto Mods platform last year, and there have been a few standout ideas so far: Amazon Alexa hardware, gamepads, and of course the trusty physical keyboard mod. Now, that last concept has hit its goal on Indiegogo, suggesting that maybe it will actually come to fruition in time for the 2nd gen. Moto Z… expand full story

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Every phone eventually dies, even if the hardware is still holding up. The main reason for that is software, because, at a certain point, it’s no longer worth it for a manufacturer to spend the cash needed to develop and push software updates. It happens to every phone, and it’s going to happen to the Google Pixel. Today, Google has revealed when exactly that will happen

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