computer vision Stories April 3, 2018

Google’s latest on-device MobileNetV2 models for computer vision are faster, more efficient

Last year, Google introduced a series of mobile-first computer vision neural networks that allows for image classification and detection while remaining fast and low-power given the constraints of running on-device. The company is today making available MobileNetV2 with several performance improvements.

computer vision Stories March 24, 2017

In recent weeks, Google has launched a number of social apps through its Area 120 incubator. However, the company is also working on a first party social app that lets small groups edit pictures together with the help of computer vision.

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computer vision Stories January 27, 2016


Google and chipmaker Movidius have announced a partnership to bring low-power computer vision to mobile devices. The chip maker has worked with Google in the past and is responsible for powering Project Tango devices.

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computer vision Stories September 8, 2014


Google has shown off its winning entry in an annual computer vision challenge whose entrants include both academic institutions and industry labs, and made its work available to other researchers.

In this year’s challenge, team GoogLeNet tasks, doubling the quality on both tasks over last year’s results. The team participated with an open submission, meaning that the exact details of its approach are shared with the wider computer vision community to foster collaboration and accelerate progress in the field …

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computer vision Stories May 23, 2013


Google is carrying on with its integration of Google+ across the rest of its services by today opening up the ability to search for photos from the service directly in Google search. Starting today, not only will Google search be able to display photos from friends and events in results, it will also be “using computer vision and machine learning to help recognize more general concepts in your photos such as sunsets, food and flowers.”

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