Game of Thrones Stories May 14, 2015

Over $110 in Android Apps/Games for free: Fleksy, Genius Scan+, Photo Studio Pro, much more


Amazon is back with another bunch of free Android apps and games. This time the booty is worth more than $110 and includes a few big name titles. All of these downloads will work on any Android device, but you’ll need to install the Amazon App Store for Android first. Once you do that you’ll be ready to start downloading. This promo ends May 16, 2015 at 11:59 PST. Here are our top picks:

Game of Thrones Stories May 7, 2015

A ‘Game of Thrones’ fan created a Google Maps-flavored Westeros map

You can’t browse through George R.R. Martin’s fictional continent of Westeros from the hit series Game of Thrones on Google Maps just yet, but you can now at least see what that might look like thanks to Reddit user salvag. Below you’ll find the beautiful Westeros map recreated by salvag, which is very nicely designed in the flavor of Google Maps.

And no: he claims this map contains no spoilers. It’s even available as a poster for sale on Etsy, starting at $21 before shipping.

Maybe someday Google will grant our wishes and create something more interactive. Until then, however, Game of Thrones fans might want to try, which includes all the continents from the series along with a “spoiler control.”

The idea of Google Maps being used for non-Earth or fictional locales is not a new one, with one of the more well-known examples being Google’s own recreation of Mars using the Maps software.

Game of Thrones Stories April 2, 2015

9to5Toys Last Call: Galaxy S5 (unlocked) $315, Amazon free app – Splashtop, Galaxy Alpha $260, more

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This no fuss cover makes it stupid easy to add USB power to any outlet

Small States Review: TM1985’s Weekend Duffel is the perfect companion for any excursion, $371 giveaway

More new gear from today:

Seagate Central 3TB Personal Cloud Storage External Hard Drive $80 shipped (orig. $180)

More deals still alive:

Beam a 300″ 1080p projection w/ this $500 Acer projector (Reg. $800)

Outsource your house chores to Amazon and get a free $20 gift card

New products & more:

Onkyo’s new portable headphone digital-to-analog converter uses a Lightning cable to boost your iPhone’s sound

Game of Thrones Stories August 21, 2014

Google Maps Street View tours the sets of Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, more

Aside from allowing you to virtually travel down just about any street you can imagine without actually being there, Street View in Google Maps has offered up some interesting features in the past. From virtual recreations of college campuses to steps back in time with dated maps of locations, Google has thus far been able to offer up some novel uses for the product.

The latest use case for Google Maps Street View? Mapping out the sets of various Emmy Award nominees. Depending on the specific show’s set that’s mapped out, the feature offers up a creepy/awesome/eery experience. You can check out the sets of Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and more here.

Game of Thrones Stories July 17, 2014

HBO’s Game of Thrones Ascent game arrives on Android

Following a release for iPad back in March, HBO’s Game of Thrones Ascent game developed by Disruptor Beam & Kongregate is now available for AndroidThe game already racked up around 2,500,000 players on Facebook and the web before making its way to mobile devices, and it comes to the smartphones with new art, optimized imagery, and leaderboards.

With Game of Thrones Ascent, fans can immerse themselves beyond the books and show, living the life of a noble in Westeros, working with (or against) each other in a persistent, authentic game world. Taking part in thousands of story-driven quests, players delve deeply into the lore and develop their own lands and reputation among the Great Houses. Players explore an expansive world filled with deep political and social play involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages, and betrothals. Through Alliance challenges, players work with hundreds of others to accomplish great tasks and rise to the top of the Power Rankings.

The developers update the game weekly and alongside new episodes of the TV show when it’s airing. That includes new quests, in-game items and more that follow the storyline of the show.

Game of Thrones Ascent is available for Android now as a free download on Google Play.

Game of Thrones Stories October 7, 2013

HBO shows now being added to Google Play, Game of Thrones included

In an effort to further beef up its content selection, Google has just started adding HBO shows to Google Play. The ever-popular Game of Thrones, Newsroom, and True Blood are now available to purchase episode-by-episode or by season. Boardwalk Empire, Veep, The Wire, and Girls are also now available. Episode pricing varies from $1.99 to $2.99.

Season selections are unfortunately limited at this point, however. For instance, only season one of The Newsroom is available, while only the first two seasons of Game of Thrones are available. Hopefully, as time progresses, more seasons and episodes of these popular HBO shows will become available, but for now, check out the offerings on Google Play

Game of Thrones Stories March 22, 2013

HBO considers U-turn on cable-free access to HBO Go

Reuters reported that HBO might consider a reversal of its previous position of not allowing access to HBO Go without a cable subscription.

HBO Go launched 3 years ago to allow subscribers to watch shows on tablets, but the service is so far restricted to those who have a cable TV subscription with an HBO partner and pay a top-up HBO fee. Co-President Eric Kessler had previously, and rather naively, said in a video interview at VideoNuze that those abandoning cable TV for purely online viewing was “minimal” and a temporary response to the economy, and he said there was no reason to offer a standalone mobile service.

This position now appears to be softening, with CEO Richard Plepler recognizing that a growing number of consumers want to choose both content and viewing platform at will.

“Right now we have the right model,” Plepler told Reuters on Wednesday evening at the Season 3 premiere of HBO’s hit TV show “Game of Thrones.” “Maybe HBO GO, with our broadband partners, could evolve.”

Companies like HBO are faced with a difficult tightrope act. While they earn billions of dollars from their existing sales model, any new offering that risks cannibalizing revenue is a frightening prospect for the company. Equally, however, it’s clear that ‘cable-cutting’ —giving up cable TV subscriptions in favor of online viewing— will only increase. Failing to respond to this is not an option.

One number will be looming very large in front of HBO: 25 million. That’s the number of illegal downloads of its hit show “Game of Thrones”. While some substantial proportion of those people would download pirated content for free no matter what options were available, there is a growing phenomenon of illegal downloads by those who would be willing to pay for content simply because existing deals don’t allow them the freedom to simply pay for the content they want on the device they want.

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