Google Registry Stories May 16

With I/O 2022 now over, Google is asking virtual attendees for feedback on the developer conference, while also offering them equally virtual swag.

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Google Registry Stories January 25

Google Registry opens registrations for .day top-level domain

Following .app, .page, and .new in recent years, Google Registry is now launching a .day top-level domain. An Early Access Program (EAP) opens today, while wider access kicks off in a week.

Google Registry Stories July 30, 2020

Adobe, Anchor, and WordPress launch Google-backed .new shortcuts

Back in 2018, Google introduced web links to quickly open blank Docs, Forms, and Sheets. Over the years, it expanded to most other G Suite services, with Adobe Acrobat and Spark now supporting several .new shortcuts.

Google Registry Stories October 29, 2019

Last year, the G Suite line of productivity apps introduced very useful .new web shortcuts that immediately created a blank Doc, Sheet, Slide, and more. Google Registry is now letting other sites and companies register .new domains.

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Google Registry Stories March 20, 2019

Google continues HTTPS push with and website contest, Pixel 3 prizes

Google has been a big proponent of HTTPS adoption by marking HTTP sites as “Not secure” in Chrome. That successful push is now extending to Google Registry with a new educational that provides a good explainer of the importance of HTTPS. Meanwhile, Google is also hosting a website design contest with Pixel 3 prizes.

Google Registry Stories October 2, 2018

Back in May, Google announced a new .app top-level domain focused on security with HTTPS enabled and enforced by default. Google Registry is now opening up the .page TLD as part of an Early Access Program.

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Google Registry Stories May 1, 2018

Originally teased for I/O 2018, Google today is announcing a new .app top-level domain. Google bid and purchased the TLD in 2015 for a notable $25 million and is launching it today with apps, developers, and security in mind.

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