Kotlin Stories July 16, 2020

Google Home crashing

At I/O 2017, Kotlin became an officially-supported programming language for Android, and last year, Google encouraged developers to use it over Java. The Google Home app is migrating over, with end-users benefiting from a reduction in crashes.

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Kotlin Stories January 16, 2019

Google Assistant voice

As both Google Home and Google Assistant devices become more ubiquitous in our lives, making new Actions for the Assistant becomes an almost necessary step for developers. To make it easier for Android developers (among others) to make the leap, today, Google has released a Java & Kotlin library for Actions on Google.

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Kotlin Stories October 4, 2018

Google teams up with JetBrains to form Kotlin Foundation, Google Cloud portal

Slowly but surely, Google has been working to give developers an alternative to developing Android apps in Java. Today, Google has announced that it is doubling down on one alternative, JetBrains’ Kotlin, with the announcement of the Kotlin Foundation.

Kotlin Stories May 17, 2017

Kotlin is now an officially-supported programming language for Android

Google has today announced at I/O 2017 that Kotlin, a programming language developed by JetBrains, will be officially supported on Android. That makes Kotlin the third language fully supported for Android devlopment, in addition to Java and C++.

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