Nest Thermostat E Stories February 10

‘Nest Thermostat E + Goodman’ is Google’s first co-branded HVAC product

The Nest Thermostat is Google’s cheapest offering in that smart home category partly because the Thermostat E is no longer available for regular consumers to buy. Now limited to Nest Pro installers, Google late last month announced the “Nest Thermostat E + Goodman.”

Nest Thermostat E Stories October 12, 2020

Nest Thermostat E is ‘no longer available’ following new model’s debut

Google just announced a brand new Nest Thermostat today that’s the most affordable model yet at just $129. With that, the Nest Thermostat E is no longer available from retailers, though it will be sold in some capacity for the foreseeable future.

Nest Thermostat E Stories July 24, 2020

Google’s Nest thermostats make it easy to control the temperature of your home remotely, but that all relies on a wireless connection. Over the past few months, some Nest owners have encountered a “w5” error with wi-fi which cuts off all remote connections.

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Nest Thermostat E Stories October 2, 2018

The Nest Thermostat E launched last year in the U.S. with a new design, similar functionality, and more affordable price. Today, Nest is finally launching the cheaper smart thermostat in Europe.

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Nest Thermostat E Stories April 19, 2018

The smart home is often touted as delivering conveniences like automation and remote control. One often overlooked aspect of installing a smart thermostat is power savings, with Nest launching a new Power Project initiative to help low-income Americans with their electric bills.

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Nest Thermostat E Stories March 19, 2018

Before last week, I had very little first-hand experience with smart home products. I guess it really depends on how you define a smart home product, as I’ve had ample time with smart speakers like the Google Home, mesh WiFi systems like the Google Wifi, and plenty of others. But prototypical smart home products, like the Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue bulbs, or the August smart lock, have been mostly foreign to me up to this point. Now, that’s changing.

I figured many readers here are probably in the same boat. You’ve heard of all these products, but maybe you live in an apartment that doesn’t let you make the necessary changes. Or maybe you’ve thought about diving in for a while, but have never been able to justify the costs. Regardless, I thought I’d share my journey with you, starting with the Nest Thermostat E.

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Nest Thermostat E Stories March 15, 2018

Hidden in today’s announcement regarding Nest Hello and Nest x Yale lock availability, Nest has debuted an altogether new product. Called the Nest Temperature Sensor, it’s a cheap add-on for your Nest Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E to prioritize temperatures in specific rooms.

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Nest Thermostat E Stories August 30, 2017

Since Tony Fadell’s departure last year, Nest’s only major product release has been the Nest Cam IQ security camera. At $299, the 4K video camera hardly aided in the company’s efforts to reach more customers. However, the company today announced the Nest Thermostat E with that particular goal in mind.

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