Nubia Stories June 4, 2020

The age of the “flagship killer” may be beginning to fade as OnePlus has essentially abandoned its “budget” pricing. Enter the Nubia RedMagic 5G, an unapologetic gaming phone that really packs a punch for just $579.

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Nubia Stories April 17, 2020

While 5G smartphones are becoming more commonplace, gaming phones are not, but one of the cheapest — and only — 5G gaming phones is the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

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Nubia Stories March 13, 2020

High refresh-rate displays have been arriving en masse over the past several months and we’re expecting many more in 2020. Today, Nubia has announced its latest gaming smartphone, the Red Magic 5G, as one of the first smartphones with a 144Hz display.

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Nubia Stories February 6, 2020

We’re at a strange time when unique smartphone designs are falling into some weird places, and the Nubia Z20 is one such oddity.

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Nubia Stories January 31, 2020

Nubia is apparently bringing 80W fast charging to its next Android phone

Fast charging has been a staple of Android smartphones for a few years now but recently, some big advancements in speed have been made. Apparently, Nubia is now working on some crazy fast charging for its next Android phone that hits 80W.

Nubia Stories January 28, 2020

The Nubia Red Magic 3S is here to take back the crown from all of the other gaming smartphone upstarts by stacking the specs at an attractive price-tag.

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Nubia Stories May 29, 2019

We’re quite a way into 2019, which means we need a refresh of the dwindling gaming phone market. Devices — like the Nubia Red Magic 3 — targetted at an even ‘nichier’ niche than the PC gaming market. expand full story

Nubia Stories April 29, 2019

Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone goes official w/ 90Hz display, Snapdragon 855, internal fan, 12GB RAM

We’ve discussed the growing gaming phone market in-depth and how Google Stadia may affect it, but that hasn’t stopped the Nubia Red Magic 3 from being unveiled at a glitzy gaming event in China.

Nubia Stories January 8, 2019

Gaming phones became a big trend in 2018, and for 2019 we’re already seeing new options. This week at CES, the Nubia Red Magic Mars has been announced and it’s coming to the US market too.

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Nubia Stories July 1, 2014

Purported ZTE Nubia Z7 photos reveal a lean, mean metal machine

ZTE is reportedly planning to announce its next flagship smartphone later this week, but the Chinese manufacturer’s new device may have already broken cover. A set of alleged photos of the ZTE Nubia Z7 recently surfaced on the Asian microblogging Sina Weibo, along with information about the handset’s pricing and hardware.

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