One UI 4.0 Stories March 29, 2022

How to customize your Samsung Galaxy S22, Fold 3, or Flip 3 homescreen in One UI 4

With the rollout of One UI 4 to many Galaxy devices, a few changes will likely make their way to your device pretty soon. Some of those changes are pretty exciting. One of which is being able to customize your wallpaper and choose a color palette based on that. Here’s how you can customize your Galaxy device’s homescreen with One UI 4.

One UI 4.0 Stories March 4, 2022

Samsung’s One UI 4 brings a lot of customization to Galaxy devices, including the ability to change up the Quick Panel. So what is the Quick Panel, and what can you do with it? This guide will take you through the details step by step.

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One UI 4.0 Stories December 27, 2021

While many people have experienced zero issues on their devices with the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 update, it seems that Samsung has halted the rollout to fix some lingering issues.

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One UI 4.0 Stories November 24, 2021

Just a month after the stable Android 12 update dropped for Google Pixel devices, Samsung followed suit by unleashing One UI 4.0 for selected Galaxy devices, including the S21 Ultra.

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One UI 4.0 Stories October 25, 2021

Android 12 development for Samsung smartphones is chugging along. The company today released a third public One UI 4.0 beta that integrates Android 12’s finalized AOSP release, brings a new Weather app, and makes other tweaks.

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One UI 4.0 Stories October 7, 2021

The fact that we haven’t seen a stable Android 12 release means that at least Samsung has the opportunity to catch up to Google with their One UI 4.0 Beta 2 update.

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One UI 4.0 Stories September 14, 2021

How to install the Android 12 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21

Android 12 hasn’t been officially released yet, but Samsung is opening the door for its beta program in several regions around the world. Now, the One UI 4.0 Beta with Android 12 is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S21 users — here’s how to use it.

One UI 4.0 Stories September 13, 2021

Google still hasn’t released Android 12, but it seems that’s not slowing partners. Tonight, Samsung has announced that it will release its Android 12 beta in the US starting on September 14.

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One UI 4.0 Stories September 11, 2021

Samsung’s Android 12 beta was supposed to come out last week but has been delayed

Android 12 isn’t yet out on Pixel phones, but it is just around the corner. Apparently, Samsung was set to release its Android 12 beta last week, but the launch has now suffered a delay.

One UI 4.0 Stories July 28, 2021

We’re a little over a month away from the formal release of Android 12 on Google’s own devices, but apparently that’s not slowing Samsung down too much. Overnight, the company briefly revealed that some Samsung Galaxy S21 devices would be eligible for an Android 12 Beta way ahead of schedule.

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