Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories September 14

How to install the Android 12 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21

Android 12 hasn’t been officially released yet, but Samsung is opening the door for its beta program in several regions around the world. Now, the One UI 4.0 Beta with Android 12 is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S21 users — here’s how to use it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories September 13

Google still hasn’t released Android 12, but it seems that’s not slowing partners. Tonight, Samsung has announced that it will release its Android 12 beta in the US starting on September 14.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories August 31

Google is set to release Android 12’s stable build on Pixel phones sometime soon, but it seems Samsung will be closer than ever in starting its beta program. According to a new teaser, Samsung will release its first Android 12 build in September.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories August 27

Samsung’s Android 12 beta hinted at by app listing and uncovered build numbers

It should be obvious that Samsung is actively working on Android 12 behind the scenes, but it seems a beta release could come in the not-too-distant future according to some new evidence.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories August 5

Samsung’s numbers just keep dropping as Galaxy S21 sales are reportedly even slower than S20

2020 was a rough year for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 series, with slow sales that were chalked up in part to high prices and in part to the height of the pandemic. A year later, though, it seems that the Galaxy S21 isn’t doing any better as sales have continued to drop.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories July 28

We’re a little over a month away from the formal release of Android 12 on Google’s own devices, but apparently that’s not slowing Samsung down too much. Overnight, the company briefly revealed that some Samsung Galaxy S21 devices would be eligible for an Android 12 Beta way ahead of schedule.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories July 26

Samsung’s August update will apparently bring One UI 3.1.1 to Galaxy S21 series

As the company continues to push out its July patch to many devices, the first bit of news on the Samsung August update is coming out. Apparently, it will bring One UI 3.1.1 to the Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories April 27

Recently, Samsung made Google Messages the default messaging app on the Galaxy S21 series outside of the US, instead of their own app. It seems the next step of this change is that Google has more widely launched a redesign for the Messages app that looks more like Samsung’s One UI on Galaxy S21 series phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories March 22

It’s no secret that 2020’s Galaxy S20 series sold far below everyone’s expectations, of course in part due to the high cost and bad timing that came with a pandemic that left millions without steady income. For 2021, though, Samsung is making up for its poor performance, with Galaxy S21 tripling sales numbers in the United States.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories March 6

Around a year ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series. While they proved to be great smartphones in the end, they were flawed. Samsung’s pricing was out of control, and the value for its devices just wasn’t there. Now, Samsung is correcting a lot of that with the Galaxy S21 series by making cuts to bring the price down by $200. Samsung is admitting its mistake, and it’s for the best.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories February 9

Coming as absolutely no surprise, the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now officially joining the Google ARCore support list alongside over 20 other devices from various OEMs, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, HTC, and Oppo.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories February 3

The Galaxy S21 series is arguably one of the most well-defined series from Samsung in a long time, but you still might some things explained or at least addressed. So we’re going to go into detail so that you know just what to expect.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 29

Netflix adds HDR support for Samsung Galaxy S21 series, TCL 20 5G

Although expected, Netflix has now “officially” certified the recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 series to play HDR content on the streaming platform along with the TCL 20 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 28

Video calling has become more important than ever before, and Samsung’s new smartphones have a neat way to take advantage of that. With the Galaxy S21 series, users can apply custom backgrounds and other video effects to apps such as Google Duo, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 24

For years now, Android has supported the useful ability to install system updates in the background, only requiring a quick reboot to apply the changes. With monthly updates becoming the norm, it’s a great quality-of-life improvement. Samsung has been holding off on the feature for years, though, and that’s not changing as the Galaxy S21 series still lacks support for seamless updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 19

If you are looking for devices to deploy within an enterprise environment, then the Android Enterprise Recommend seal is something to be on the lookout for. The latest additions to the Android Enterprise Recommended program include the newly released Galaxy S21 series alongside a few other notable new members.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 15

Where to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra in the US

Samsung had a strong showing this week at its Galaxy Unpacked event, showcasing its latest smart home devices, accessories, and, of course, phones. Here are the many, many ways to pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, & S21 Ultra, as well as the best deals for each of them.

As RCS takes over the default messaging service on Android, Google Messages is leading the charge. Yesterday, Samsung and Google announced that Google Messages would be “native” to the Galaxy S21 but without going into detail on what that meant. Now, we’ve got a bit more context.

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One of the controversial aspects of Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 series is the removal of the included charging brick. In a later Q&A, Samsung has confirmed that it will keep removing the charger from future releases and addressed a few other burning questions.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 14

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is here with a refreshed design, new features, and also a collection of new wallpapers; here’s the full collection available for download.

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Samsung Pay is done with MST now that Galaxy S21 series drops the feature

Mobile payments have become a really useful tool, but they’re still not accepted everywhere. Samsung broke that rule with its clever MST tech that could emulate a traditional card, but with the Galaxy S21, Samsung is done with MST for payments.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series went official this morning as the company’s 2021 flagship series. There are certainly pros and cons to these devices on the spec sheet, but what really tells the story is trying them in person. Here are our very first impressions of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, as well as a quick unboxing.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 series will soon double as a key for your Ford, Audi, or BMW

Today, Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 series, complete with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to better connect to your other smart devices. The next great example of how to use the UWB on the Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra is to use it as a car key for your next vehicle from Ford, BMW, and others.

Samsung devotes a portion of every Unpacked event to talk about its partners, and the Google segment today revealed how Messages is “native” on the Galaxy S21, while you can connect Duo video calls to your TV.

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The ability to expand storage on the fly using a microSD card is something that’s been an advantage of Android devices for years, but it’s something that’s slowly been going away. After years of supporting the feature, Samsung is officially saying goodbye to the microSD card, stripping the feature from all three of its Galaxy S21 models.

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It’s no secret that pricing was the Achilles heel of last year’s Samsung smartphones, but the company is starting off 2021 with a huge step in the right direction with its new Galaxy S21 that sees a $200 price cut. Here’s what you need to know about Samsung’s new trio of flagships.

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Where to watch Samsung Unpacked 2021 w/ Galaxy S21 reveal [Livestream]

Today’s the day. Samsung is getting ready to fully reveal its Galaxy S21 series as well as the Buds Pro and Samsung Smart Tag. As usual, the event will be livestreamed for all to enjoy from the safety of their homes. Here’s where to catch the Galaxy S21 event and watch Samsung Unpacked.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 13

Tomorrow Samsung will officially reveal the Galaxy S21 series to the world, but the leaks haven’t slowed down because of that. The folks over at WinFuture had a few more tidbits to share including the ability for Galaxy S21 buyers to choose from some additional colors for their new phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 12

It’s no secret at all that Samsung is removing the charger from the Galaxy S21 box, but a fresh leak gives us the biggest confirmation of that to date. As reported by WinFuture, the box the Galaxy S21 ships in is incredibly slim with no charger or headphones included.

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[Update: More] Renders of the optional Galaxy S21 S Pen leak alongside carry case w/ Note series vibes

The first renders of the optional Galaxy S21 S Pen have now been shared online alongside a carry case which no doubt signals Samsung’s intent to call time on the Note series in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 11

We know a lot about Samsung’s next set of flagship smartphones already, thanks to a plethora of leaks, but more is in store. Today, Samsung has officially confirmed a January 14 digital “Unpacked” event where the company will launch its Galaxy S21 lineup and more.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories January 4

The Google Discover feed is a useful place to keep up with new stories you’re interested in, but the functionality becomes even handier when it’s a part of the homescreen. That experience is only available on select devices such as Pixels, but starting on the Galaxy S21, Samsung may finally adopt Google Discover.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 31, 2020

Samsung has yet to formally announce the date it will launch the Galaxy S21, but thanks to previous leaks we know it’s just two weeks away. As the year comes to a close later today, Samsung is releasing the first official Galaxy S21 teaser.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 28, 2020

Samsung has yet to confirm the launch event officially, but at this point, we’re just a couple of weeks away from the debut of the Galaxy S21 series. As that January 14th reveal approaches, more leaks are coming out with the latest spec dump implying that the Galaxy S21 may lack a microSD card slot as we also get a good look at all of the colors.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 21, 2020

While 2020 might have been a year to forget for obvious reasons, 2021 looks a lot brighter. With rumors of a proposed Unpacked event planned for early January, Galaxy S21 series leaks are reaching a tipping point.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 18, 2020

Another hands-on video has been shared online of a pre-release Samsung Galaxy S21+ leaving very little to the imagination and giving us a proper glimpse at the device in action.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 17, 2020

As we rapidly approach 2021, we are now seeing a growing number of Galaxy S21 series leaks ahead of the rumored January 14th Unpacked launch date. The latest is a series of press renders of the Galaxy S21 and S21+ that reveal the entire upcoming lineup of colors.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 15, 2020

Ahead of its January launch, the first official-looking press render of the Galaxy S21 has apparently made its way online. Courtesy of Evan Blass, here’s the front of the Galaxy S21.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 11, 2020

The war on bezels continues with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 series as a new video shows off the phone’s very slim bezels all around on the completely flat display.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 9, 2020

With the Galaxy S21 series starting to leak bit by bit, an FCC listing has now confirmed that those in North America can expect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset in the upcoming flagship series.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 8, 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is launching earlier than ever this year, and now we’re getting our best look yet at what’s to come. The latest Galaxy S21 leak shows off the design and colors of all three phones on video and divulges the full camera specs.

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Apple leads the smartphone industry with their hardware choices. From the headphone jack to the notch, designs bleed across into Android whether we like it or not. The latest will be the removal of the charging brick from upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 7, 2020

Apparent real-life photos of the Galaxy S21 and S21+ have now leaked giving us a glimpse of the devices for the first time in the flesh and corroborate previous camera information leaks.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories December 1, 2020

As the new year approaches, we’re learning more about Samsung’s plans for 2021. Today, another major source is seemingly confirming the death of the Galaxy Note line as a fresh report hints that the price of the Galaxy S21 will go down.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories November 25, 2020

Fingerprint sensors and face unlock have made it way easier to unlock a phone compared to PINs and passwords. For its next major release, the Galaxy S21, it appears that Samsung is planning to add voice unlock to the mix, powered by Bixby.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories November 23, 2020

Samsung’s plans for 2021 aren’t what we all expected. The Galaxy S21 series is being released earlier than ever. The Galaxy Note series is a no-show. And now, a fresh report is confirming a handful of details regarding Samsung’s 2021 plans, as well as an earlier release date for Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories November 14, 2020

With an earlier launch expected this time around, the leaks have started to pour out around Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 series. Today, we’re getting a huge reveal of nearly all of the specs for each Galaxy S21 model, as well as new details about each device.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Stories November 12, 2020

It’s been rumored time and time again that Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup would adopt the S Pen from the company’s Note lineup, and it seems 2021 will be the first step in that direction. Apparently, the Galaxy S21 series will support the S Pen, but with a slight catch.

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