Philips Stories February 2

Google TV launched in 2020 with the goal of replacing the Android TV experience entirely within a couple of years. As the clock ticks away, more brands are getting on board with the Google TV experience, including long-time partner Philips.

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Philips Stories May 26, 2021

Philips’ latest collection of Android TVs brings OLED, HDMI 2.1, more

The Android TV space is growing considerably and includes TVs of all sizes, types, and prices. This week, Philips has announced a new range of OLED TVs powered by Google’s Android TV that will be coming to Europe.

Philips Stories January 7, 2020

It’s the first official day of CES 2020, and the product announcements are flowing like water. Today, Philips is rolling out a few new series of Android TVs, including one model that’s optimized for gaming, including Google Stadia.

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Philips Stories November 13, 2019

Philips is now selling a 24-inch TV that’s running on Android TV, designed especially for the kitchen, and has a built-in Google Assistant speaker, too. Here’s what you need to know.

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Philips Stories January 3, 2019

As Android TV continues to grow, we’re seeing it pre-installed on more and more 4K TVs. Ahead of CES 2019, a new lineup of Philips TVs have been announced with Android TV on board with some affordable price tags too.

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Philips Stories June 28, 2018

Philips may bring Android Oreo to nearly all of its Android TV devices

Philips has quite a few Android TV devices out on the market today, and it seems that the company will be updating nearly all of them to Android Oreo.

Philips Stories June 15, 2017

Philips’ 4K UHDTVs w/ HDR, built-in Chromecast & Google Assistant support, available now


Originally announced at CES this year, the new Philips 4K TVs are set to launch starting today. The new sets feature support for Chromecast and Google Home technology, as well as High Dynamic Range and voice command support. Head below for more details.

Philips Stories May 27, 2016


Back in March, Chromecast was renamed to Google Cast and Vizio announced the first Cast-enabled televisions. Philips just announced four new sets as part of the 6000 series Google Cast Ultra HDTV. Like recent affordable Android TV showings from RCA, these models start at $649.

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Philips Stories April 27, 2015


Ahead of IFA in Berlin this September—the event where Samsung, Sony, and just about every other Android device maker unveils their latest products each year—a select group of companies have been giving a taste of what’s to come for the last 5 days at IFA’s Global Press Conference.

So what can you expect? Android-powered TV sets, app connected appliances, and drones are just a few product categories you can expect to see grow at this year’s show. expand full story

Philips Stories March 28, 2014


Philips has just revealed some details of an upcoming 8000 series lineup of TVs for 2014, which will likely be the first lineup of Ultra HD TVs that hit the market running Android. Philips has three models running Android- Full-HD 8100 and 8200 Philips TVs and the Ultra HD 4K 8800 series— all of which come packed with Google Play store access and Google services like Chrome, YouTube, Google Play music and movies, and search. expand full story

Philips Stories October 3, 2013


Today Philips and Accenture announced the creation of a proof-of-concept that uses a Google Glass head-mounted display for performing surgical procedures. The demonstration connects Google Glass to Philips IntelliVue Solutions and proves the concept of seamless transfer of patient vital signs into Google Glass, potentially providing physicians with hands-free access to critical clinical information. Additional ideas:

  • Accessing a near real-time feed of vital signs in Google Glass;
  • Calling up images and other patient data by clinicians from anywhere in the hospital;
  • Accessing a pre-surgery safety checklist;
  • Giving clinicians the ability to view the patient in the recovery room after surgery;
  • Conducting live, first-person point-of-view videoconferences with other surgeons or medical personnel; and
  • Recording surgeries from a first-person point-of-view for training purposes.

This is interesting but proof of concepts have already been happening like the surgeons we covered in August. Press release follows: expand full story

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