Project Dragonfly Stories November 28

Yesterday, Googlers opposed to Project Dragonfly and bringing censored Search to China published an open letter. It now has 407 signatories, but a leaked letter from another group of employees today makes the argument that Google should follow through with Dragonfly.

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Project Dragonfly Stories November 27

Over the past year, Googlers have protested military contracts and the handling of sexual misconduct by management to varying levels of success. Some employees are now taking aim at Project Dragonfly, Google’s rumored search engine in China that would abide by local censorship laws.

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Project Dragonfly Stories November 20

Late last year, Eric Schmidt stepped down as Alphabet’s chairman, with the company appointing John Hennessy to the role. A former president of Stanford University, the chairman talked about Google’s China plans, Larry Page, and more in an interview with Bloomberg.

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