MWC 2017 March 3, 2017


Earlier this week, I spent a few days walking about Barcelona and Mobile World Congress‘ venue, the Fira Gran Via. I headed back to the hotel after the first day of the actual show with strongly mixed feelings. For one, this being my first international fair meant that I could just not let go of the excitement, and the energy and passion so many people bring among those booths is tangible.

On the other, I had to do my job and check out all the new smartphones announced in these past few days, and this is where things got a little uglier. The P10 I first previewed proved to be a big red warning sign of things to come, and although I am not entirely dissatisfied, I definitely can’t say that the products matched the enthusiasm and vibe of the place itself…

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MWC 2017 March 1, 2017


I want to put a disclaimer at the very top of this post: I have used the Xperia XZ Premium for about twenty minutes in one of Sony‘s booths at Mobile World Congress, and everything that follows is just a brief recap of my experience combined with my quick chat with the company’s reps. It therefore isn’t meant to give a final judgement by any means — but we know that the product may be of interest for more than a few, so I’m here to tell you what my very first impressions were…

The thing that immediately struck me about the Xperia XZ Premium is… Sony’s philosophy behind it. There were other OEMs are trying to push design boundaries (like LG and most likely Samsung) or deliver overall compelling packages with a few standout features (like Huawei‘s P10 or even BlackBerry‘s KeyOne). Sony, reluctantly, is simply keeping its own path, seemingly looking at the competition uninterested, from afar.

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Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain has been in full gear all week, and that means almost all of the biggest Android OEMs are getting together to show off their latest phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Now that things are winding down here in the last couple days of the show floor being open, let’s take a look at all the devices that were announced by Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and others…

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We know that Android, as it is right now, is a formidable smartphone OS. However, when stretched up to tablet sizes that go beyond 7 inches, things don’t really scale up gracefully. With its just-announced Tab S3, Samsung is trying to break that infamous spell, but I am honestly not sure whether it’ll be able to succeed…  expand full story

MWC 2017 February 28, 2017

Android One gains a fingerprint sensor with General Mobile GM6 for Turkey

While Android One is rumored to expand to the US later this year, the initiative will likely continue to focus on the rest of the world. At MWC 2017, General Mobile has announced their latest Android One device meant for Turkey. Running Nougat, notable specs include a fingerprint sensor and selfie flash.

MWC 2017 February 27, 2017


Although today marks the first official day of Mobile World Congress, we saw most of the noteworthy announcements take place over the weekend. So while there are a bunch of different options to choose from, what was your favorite announcement from MWC?

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