Strava Stories August 31, 2021

Fitness tracking service Strava has updated its Wear OS app this week, and in doing so, it’s decided to leave Wear OS 2.0 watches behind.

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Strava Stories June 4, 2021

Following a partial outage with Fitbit just last week, Strava is now having major sync issues with Google Fit. The problem emerged over the past few hours and involves Google throwing a “This app is blocked” warning message.

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Strava Stories May 25, 2021

Fitbit and Strava facing sync issues, temporary fix available w/ manual data

If you’re a Fitbit owner using Strava, you may have encountered a problem over the past few days that’s delayed sync between the two services. While a fix isn’t available just yet, the two companies are investigating the problem.

Strava Stories September 30, 2019

Google Fit is apparently preparing account linking with Strava

Google Fit isn’t an immensely powerful fitness app, but it’s great for keeping track of workouts, steps, and your heart rate. Now, it appears that Google Fit is preparing to add account linking with Strava.

Strava Stories August 7, 2018

The Pentagon has banned deployed military personnel from using smartphones, smart watches fitness trackers and apps with geolocation enabled.

The move was made in response to a serious security risk identified in January, when publicly-available Strava data was found to reveal both the locations and layouts of US military bases in countries like Syria and Afghanistan …

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Strava Stories April 18, 2017

Strava for Android gains running & cycling Club Events on mobile

Strava has a new version of its Android app out that includes a major new feature just in time for warmer weather: access to Club Events for runners and cyclists without using the web.

Strava Stories February 9, 2017

Strava updated to support Android Wear 2.0, upload activities directly from watches

One of the many benefits of Android Wear 2.0 (for devices that have built-in GPS and LTE capabilities, at least) is that some Android Wear watches can now work entirely without a connected smartphone. One application that is taking full advantage of this is Strava, a fitness tracking application which can now work as a standalone app on Android Wear devices…

Strava Stories August 4, 2016

Strava app adds Glympse-style Beacon feature for Premium users [Video]

If you’re one of those people concerned that you may end up in a ditch with a broken leg while running or cycling, Strava has a new peace-of-mind feature for you. Known as Beacon, it effectively offers Glympse type functionality to allow family or friends to track your location as you exercise.

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