Google Fit Stories September 6

Google Fit passes 100 million installs on Android, beating Fitbit app to the milestone

The Google Fit app makes it relatively simple for users to pull in health data from Wear OS smartwatches, as well as other products and services, into a single location, but it’s still one of the least in-depth offerings out there today. However, Google Fit’s simplicity may have won out, as the app has just crossed 100 million installs on Android.

Google Fit Stories July 29

Google is rolling out a sizable update to Fit for Android and iOS that introduces a “Browse” tab. This new view lets you “browse the health and fitness data from all your connected apps and devices in one place.”

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Google Fit Stories June 18

Google today notified users of a change to how Fit works to calculate some metrics. End users of the Google Fit apps should not see a real impact due to this, but “some data” will be deleted in 30 days. 

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Google Fit Stories June 9

Back in March, Google Fit rolled out camera-powered heart and respiratory rate tracking. Google is now adding a “Paced Walking” activity for Fit that offers somewhat of a guided experience.

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Google Fit Stories June 4

Following a partial outage with Fitbit just last week, Strava is now having major sync issues with Google Fit. The problem emerged over the past few hours and involves Google throwing a “This app is blocked” warning message.

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Google Fit Stories March 30

Technology today is already quite assistive, from location-aware reminders to notifications telling you when to leave, factoring in live traffic conditions. In fact, that’s now the base level of usefulness we expect from our gadgets. After using Google’s 2nd-gen Nest Hub for the past week, I experienced the next level of computers passively suggesting what improvements can be made in your life, and it will take some time to get used to.

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Google Fit Stories March 19

While Google has made some progress in recent years at product consolidation, it now finds itself with two health applications. For past pairings, the “better” service was often straightforward, but that’s not the case today. Fitbit’s brand appeal was likely one of the contributing factors to it being acquired, while Google Fit is actively improving to the point where either can stake a claim to having a future as the company’s primary health offering.

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Google Fit Stories March 18

Google Fit rolling out a fix for users who saw steps reset to zero

While a bit simpler in focus compared to other fitness and wellness services, Google Fit is a widely available and easy to use way to keep track of your steps, weight, heart rate, and more. Unfortunately, some users have recently reported a weird Google Fit bug that reset step counts to zero, but a fix is incoming.

Google Fit Stories March 10

Google Fit has leveled up as part of the March Pixel Feature Drop with some actually useful health tracking tools, including the ability to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate right from within the app.

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Back in February, Google announced that Fit for Android can measure heart and respiratory rate using just your phone. These new Google Fit camera tracking capabilities will start rolling out to Pixel phones on Monday.

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Google Fit Stories March 9

OnePlus Band fitness tracker can now sync with Google Fit

The OnePlus Band went official earlier this year as the company’s first ever wearable. Now, an update to the OnePlus Band companion app is enabling sync with Google Fit.

Google Fit Stories February 26

At the start of 2021, we reported that Google is working on a new Nest Hub that will use Soli radar for sleep tracking. 9to5Google can now confirm other details about this upcoming Smart Display, including its design, sleep tracking, and other hardware features.

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Google Fit Stories February 4

Google Health encompasses the various teams at Google working on helping people “live their healthiest life.” The latest effort lets you measure your heart and respiratory rate using the Google Fit app and cameras on an Android phone.

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Google Fit Stories December 1, 2020

There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market, but most of the good ones are pretty expensive. Today, Wyze has announced the Wyze Watch, a new smartwatch that offers health tracking, smart home controls, and a super-affordable $19 price.

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Google Fit Stories November 30, 2020

The latest version of Google Fit brought about a substantial UI refresh just a few weeks ago, with enhanced features and sleep tracking, but it appears that the ability to track your weight training workouts has disappeared.

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Google Fit Stories November 23, 2020

Last week, a significant Google Fit update for Android, iOS, and wearables was announced. Google is now detailing some of the improvements made to the Fit workout experience on Wear OS. 

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Google Fit Stories November 19, 2020

Back in September, Google introduced iPhone and iPad widgets for Photos, Search, and YouTube Music. In addition to Gmail yesterday, Google Drive and Fit widgets are now on the iOS home screen, with Calendar and Chrome also previewed today. 

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Google Fit Stories November 17, 2020

Following a step-focused redesign in April, Google Fit is now getting a richer homepage that can display more information, as well as additional sleep data and a sharing feature.

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Wear OS rolling out redesigned Weather and new Breathe Tile

In addition to a broader fall update with speed improvements and “more intuitive controls,” Google this August announced a new Weather Tile for Wear OS. That’s rolling out now along with a Breathe Tile.

Google Fit Stories July 20, 2020

Back in April, Fit saw a step-focused revamp on mobile and Wear OS, while the apps recently gained some YouTube integration. The latest Google Fit update for iOS adds a weekly recap card and more detailed workout breakdowns.

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Google Fit Stories July 9, 2020

For many, exercise has been one area particularly affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing requirements. Google Fit wants to help ease that by integrating YouTube playlists on staying healthy indoors.

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Google Fit Stories April 6, 2020

In 2018, Google Fit received a big redesign that introduced Move Minutes and Heart Points as an easy to digest health metric. After coming to iOS last year, the mobile and Wear OS apps are getting a redesign today that emphasizes step count.

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Google Fit Stories February 19, 2020

A recent update to Google Fit has now made it even easier to check your current fitness tracking stats on Android and iOS.

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Google Fit Stories December 9, 2019

Withings fitness trackers can now sync sleep data w/ Google Fit

Google Fit is a pretty basic health/fitness suite, but it’s more than enough for many users. If you happen to own a Withings fitness watch, the latest update for the app is bringing support for syncing your sleep data with Google Fit.

Google Fit Stories November 6, 2019

Hybrid smartwatches usually have great designs and battery life but at the sacrifice of intelligent interfaces and features. Today, Fossil is announcing a smartwatch that bridges the gap better than any we’ve seen. The Fossil Hybrid HR has 2-week battery life, an e-ink display, and even syncs with Google Fit.

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Google Fit Stories September 30, 2019

Google Fit is apparently preparing account linking with Strava

Google Fit isn’t an immensely powerful fitness app, but it’s great for keeping track of workouts, steps, and your heart rate. Now, it appears that Google Fit is preparing to add account linking with Strava.

Google Fit Stories August 2, 2019

With the revamped Fit last year, Google focused on physical activity through Heart Points and Move Minutes. The service is adding detailed sleep logging to capture your entire day, while the dark theme is now official.

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Google Fit Stories July 11, 2019

Google’s fitness tracking service is now the latest app to adopt a dark theme. Google Fit 2.16 today introduces the new look, and reveals work on manually adding sleep.

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Google Fit Stories July 10, 2019

Google Fit is a simple, fairly useful option for those wanting to keep a better eye on their activity and health. It may not be as thorough as competing services, but it works for the basics. Or at least, it did, as many Google Fit users have been reporting that login and tracking issues have broken the app for quite some time.

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Google Fit Stories May 23, 2019

Google Fit is currently the company’s only consumer-facing health service. Tied with Wear OS and recently rolled out to iOS, Google Fit 2.13 for Android today tweaks the manual activity logging workflow, and preps more changes to improve that process.

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Google Fit Stories May 22, 2019

Focals smart glasses now integrate with Google Fit and Slides

Focals by North launched at the start of this year, but quickly saw a price cut from $999 to $599. Since then, the plain-looking smart glasses that overlay a screen over your right eye has seen a number of new features. The latest includes Google Fit and Google Slides integration.

Google Fit Stories April 24, 2019

Last August, Google Fit was completely revamped with the Material Theme and a focus on two new metrics. The health and activity tracking application is now coming to iOS with full Apple Health integration.

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Google Fit Stories April 16, 2019

Part of using any fitness app like Google Fit is to be challenged to do more activities. Continuing the app’s partnership with the World Health Organization, Google Fit will be inviting users to participate in the 2019 “Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge” next month.

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Google Fit Stories March 25, 2019

Google Fit got a huge redesign a few months back, and now some features from the previous design are trickling back into the activity-tracking service. With its most recent update, Google Fit brings back elevation tracking as well as adding sleep tracking to the Journal.

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Google Fit Stories March 12, 2019

One of the biggest complaints of most smartwatches today is battery life. Almost any proper smartwatch lasts only a day or two before needing a charge. This is especially true on Wear OS, but Google is apparently trying to combat it. With the latest Google Fit update, some Wear OS watches will be able to use a battery saving low power GPS mode, and it launches on the Ticwatch Pro.

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Google Fit Stories February 21, 2019

Last August, Google Fit was completely overhauled with new metrics, the Material Theme on Android, and a prominent role in Wear OS. With this new focus on mobile, Google is killing the service’s desktop web client next month.

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Google Fit Stories February 10, 2019

Google Fit adds Single stat widget as 325,000 users participated in January challenge

Google Fit was revamped last year with a focus on Move Minutes and Heart Points, as well as the Material Theme. In January, the activity tracking app launched a #GetFitWithGoogle challenge to emphasize the latter metric. With the competition over, Google recently shared how many users participated, while adding a new Single stat widget.

Google Fit Stories January 7, 2019

The most popular use for any smartwatch hands-down is the ability to track fitness statistics. This week at CES 2019, the Matrix PowerWatch 2 has gone official with a clever solution for battery life, as well as integration with Google Fit.

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Google Fit Stories January 1, 2019

With the new year kicking off today, millions are setting resolutions to get fit. With its new monthly challenges, Google Fit is opening up a New Year challenge starting today which encourages increased activity. Here’s how to sign up.

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Earlier this month, the revamped Google Fit added widgets on Android and breathing exercises for Wear OS. Ahead of the new year, Google is introducing 30-day challenges aimed at increasing Heart Points, similar to badges on other fitness platforms.

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Google Fit Stories December 10, 2018

Back in August, Google unveiled a major revamp to Google Fit ahead of a similarly large redesign to Wear OS. The Android fitness app this week is adding homescreen widgets, as well as breathing exercises on Wear OS.

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Google Fit Stories October 3, 2018

The redesigned Wear OS started rolling out to users this week, but some are finding a change to the experience. Google Fit on Ticwatch E, an affordable watch from Mobvoi, is actually replaced with the company’s own TicHealth service.

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Google Fit Stories August 22, 2018

The rise of wearables and smartwatches in recent years has entrenched the perception that step count is the metric of fitness. It’s no surprise that many of the accompanying services have leaderboards that try to gamify exercise. Now, Google is out with a different approach that focuses on new metrics. Featuring the Google Material Theme, the revamped Google Fit is without a doubt more than a step counter.

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Google Fit Stories August 21, 2018

How to track your weight, workouts, and blood pressure with Google Fit

Many strive to better take care of their health, but often it can get lost in the daily routine. There are plenty of apps out there to help with that, and Google Fit is one that’s often neglected. Now that a fresh redesign it out there, let’s take at how to track your weight, workouts, activity, and blood pressure with Google Fit.

How to set and adjust your daily activity goals with Google Fit

Google Fit has been around for quite some time, but Google recently revamped the service with a brand new look and some handy new features. If you want to give it a shot, here’s how to set activity goals with Google Fit.

Fitness is an important part of everyone’s lives, whether you give it the proper attention or not. There are hundreds of great apps out there to help you with that, but today Google is introducing a brand new version of its Google Fit service, and there’s a lot to like here.

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Google Fit Stories January 5, 2017


With the addition of intelligent Goals last year, Google Calendar became more than just a regular scheduling and to-do app. Today, the Android and iOS apps are gaining Google Fit and Apple Health integration that will automatically mark as finished and adjust your fitness-related Goals.

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Google Fit Stories June 28, 2016


While rarely refreshed, the updates Google Fit does receive are usually significant. Version 1.57 is rolling out now with a major visual revamp, a new timeline feature to keep better track of daily activity, and a new goals feature similar to the one debuted with Google Calendar. The redesign drops the sparse, white design for a more colorful and information dense UI.

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