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Focals smart glasses now integrate with Google Fit and Slides

Focals by North launched at the start of this year, but quickly saw a price cut from $999 to $599. Since then, the plain-looking smart glasses that overlay a screen over your right eye has seen a number of new features. The latest includes Google Fit and Google Slides integration.

Google Fit Stories April 24

Last August, Google Fit was completely revamped with the Material Theme and a focus on two new metrics. The health and activity tracking application is now coming to iOS with full Apple Health integration.

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Google Fit Stories April 16

Part of using any fitness app like Google Fit is to be challenged to do more activities. Continuing the app’s partnership with the World Health Organization, Google Fit will be inviting users to participate in the 2019 “Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge” next month.

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Google Fit Stories March 25

Google Fit got a huge redesign a few months back, and now some features from the previous design are trickling back into the activity-tracking service. With its most recent update, Google Fit brings back elevation tracking as well as adding sleep tracking to the Journal.

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Google Fit Stories March 12

One of the biggest complaints of most smartwatches today is battery life. Almost any proper smartwatch lasts only a day or two before needing a charge. This is especially true on Wear OS, but Google is apparently trying to combat it. With the latest Google Fit update, some Wear OS watches will be able to use a battery saving low power GPS mode, and it launches on the Ticwatch Pro.

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Google Fit Stories February 21

Last August, Google Fit was completely overhauled with new metrics, the Material Theme on Android, and a prominent role in Wear OS. With this new focus on mobile, Google is killing the service’s desktop web client next month.

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