Google Fit Stories December 1, 2020

There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market, but most of the good ones are pretty expensive. Today, Wyze has announced the Wyze Watch, a new smartwatch that offers health tracking, smart home controls, and a super-affordable $19 price.

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Google Fit Stories November 30, 2020

The latest version of Google Fit brought about a substantial UI refresh just a few weeks ago, with enhanced features and sleep tracking, but it appears that the ability to track your weight training workouts has disappeared.

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Google Fit Stories November 23, 2020

Last week, a significant Google Fit update for Android, iOS, and wearables was announced. Google is now detailing some of the improvements made to the Fit workout experience on Wear OS. 

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Google Fit Stories November 19, 2020

Back in September, Google introduced iPhone and iPad widgets for Photos, Search, and YouTube Music. In addition to Gmail yesterday, Google Drive and Fit widgets are now on the iOS home screen, with Calendar and Chrome also previewed today. 

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Google Fit Stories November 17, 2020

Following a step-focused redesign in April, Google Fit is now getting a richer homepage that can display more information, as well as additional sleep data and a sharing feature.

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Wear OS rolling out redesigned Weather and new Breathe Tile

In addition to a broader fall update with speed improvements and “more intuitive controls,” Google this August announced a new Weather Tile for Wear OS. That’s rolling out now along with a Breathe Tile.

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