Xda-Developers Stories June 2, 2015


It’s widely speculated that LG is working to bring WiFi support to the LG G Watch R in some future release of Android Wear, but in the most recent official release, 5.1.1, the smartwatch is notably left out. Being left out of a feature isn’t an unsolvable problem for the XDA Developers community, though, as it appears one developer has put together a hack for enabling WiFi on the round smartwatch from LG… expand full story

Xda-Developers Stories April 27, 2015


Samsung made a very bold attempt at entering the now-somewhat-established smartwatch space—long before the current market leaders—with the launch of their Galaxy Gear devices, but none of these wearables ever made very much of an impact. And since these devices came several months before Android Wear even existed, they ran Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system, which many users have agreed is notoriously clunky and unintuitive.

Now, a developer on the XDA-Developers forum has started work on porting Android Wear to the Galaxy Gear 2, and it looks like the OS is already partially functional… expand full story

Xda-Developers Stories March 13, 2015

The Apple Watch was once again shown off at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event on Monday, and it looks like the Android Wear community is already putting together some watch faces inspired by Apple’s selections. Ironically, first up is the iconic Mickey Mouse face that has been the brunt of many a joke in the Android community on Google+, and it looks like the XDA-Developers user who made it did a pretty good job of replicating the real deal…

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Xda-Developers Stories November 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.28.13 AM

ZOMG, it’s happening! Google Play edition HTC One owners should be on the lookout for an over-the-air update to Android 4.4 KitKat. The update weighs in at 320MB and according to Android Central, is arriving automatically on some handsets already.

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Xda-Developers Stories November 11, 2013


I’ve already written about my disappointment in the Nexus 5 camera and that’s exactly why this news out of XDA Developers is grabbing my interest. A developer by the name of Jishnu Sir created a flashable .zip file that is said to greatly improve the quality of the camera. Any flashable file requires an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery but beyond those extras, the “new” camera app will add or improve:

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Xda-Developers Stories November 6, 2013

Impatient to get KitKat on your Moto X? Firmware leaks for T-Mobile model

If you own a T-Mobile Moto X and are impatient to upgrade to KitKat (aka Android 4.4), the firmware has been leaked on xdaDevelopers.

As ever with unofficial ROM flashes, caution is your watchword. Make sure you have a good backup, and read the thread (a continuation of an earlier 4.3 leak) carefully before deciding whether or not to proceed.

Xda-Developers Stories June 21, 2012

DroidLife just posted the above screenshot that confirms “Jelly Bean,” otherwise known as Android 4.1, as the next candy-flavored version of Google’s mobile operating system.

The website first spotted the news in the XDA Developers forum, where a user posted a similar image for the unlocked Galaxy Nexus available on Google Play. One cannot help but wonder if Jelly Bean will unveil at the Google I/O conference that is just around the corner.

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Xda-Developers Stories May 16, 2012

According to a post on XDA-Developers, some Android users discovered Google Play Music is limiting the number of device deauthorizations per account. The new 10-device limit apparently rolled out sometime over the last 60 days and users are now beginning to receive a message informing them they have hit the limit. AndroidandMe pointed out the number of deauthorizations is actually limited to four per year, despite the 10-device limit.

As noted in the post, the issue is specifically problematic for users who often flash new ROMs to their device, because each ROM is recognized as a new device. Fortunately, Google agreed to remove older devices for some users who contacted Google Support via email, but the only solution otherwise is to create a new account and re-upload your music. The post on XDA explained another option is to “restore a Nandroid backup from a ROM that was working before.” This is clearly an issue Google will have to address in the near future…

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Xda-Developers Stories December 7, 2011

Following the release of Cyanogenmod 7 on the Kindle Fire, an Xda-Developers user has ported the latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich to the device. The port is currently a bit sketchy — missing audio, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, and light sensor — but does have a working touch panel and hardware graphics. The forum user promises a release of the code in the near future, and we can promise you this project isn’t for the feeble. You have to remember there’s no going back if you mess up. But it doesn’t hurt to look does it? Head on after the break to see the port in action.

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