ZTE ZMax Pro Stories January 15, 2017

ZTE is testing out Android Nougat for its $99 ZMax Pro [Update]

As the company prepares to release Android Nougat for its popular Axon 7 smartphone, ZTE is opening up access to an Android Nougat beta program for one of its less expensive devices, the $99 ZTE ZMax Pro.

ZTE ZMax Pro Stories October 26, 2016


Earlier this year ZTE launched the ZMax Pro, a $99 Android smartphone that hit all the right notes. With a 6-inch display, decent specifications, and a fingerprint sensor, it was pretty incredible that ZTE was able to sell the phone for such a low cost.

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ZTE ZMax Pro Stories August 1, 2016


When you think of  ZTE, generally it’s not a name you’d associate with flagship devices. Despite its best efforts, the Chinese company just can’t get away from lower-end budget smartphones. But with its latest device, the ZTE ZMax Pro, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Just a few weeks ago the company launched the 6-inch, spec-heavy mid-range smartphone that would be impressive for most price points, but at just $99, it blew us away. I’ve been using the ZMax Pro for the past couple of weeks, and now I’m here to find out if it’s actually a good deal…

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ZTE ZMax Pro Stories July 20, 2016


Just the other day ZTE and MetroPCS launched the ZMax Pro, a 6-inch smartphone with solid specs and great features such as a fingerprint sensor. Just glancing at the spec sheet you’d think this phone would cost at least $200 or more, but ZTE shocked everyone by launching this device for just $99. Is it any good? Let’s take a quick look after using the device for the past 24 hours…

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ZTE ZMax Pro Stories July 18, 2016


With the proliferation of cheap smartphones with decent specs from less-known OEMs, it is increasingly hard to stand out among the crowd. ZTE’s latest attempt to do so is the 6-inch ZMax Pro for MetroPCS. With such features as a USB-C port, fingerprint sensor, and 3,400 mAh battery, its $99 price point is remarkably impressive…

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