Rubin made the announcement through Google Plus (and Twitter and noted:

…and for those wondering, we count each device only once (ie, we don’t count re-sold devices), and “activations” means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service.

Google’s latest public figure was just 550,000 devices a day that was noted by Chairman Eric Schmidt in Germany earlier this year and confirmed a few times, most recently at LeWeb last week.

To put it in perspective, 700,000 devices a day is almost 5 million every week, or 21 million a month, or over a mind-boggling 250 million a year.

As a comparison, Apple announced 1 million iPhone 4S’s sold in the first day of sales and topped 4 million in the first week (after some pent up demand and a week of preorders).

The Freight Train continues to roar.

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6 Responses to “Andy Rubin announces: 700K devices activated every day”

  1. Justa Notherguy says:

    Good to hear, tho' it's worth noting this would seem to represent a major slowdown in comparison to previously released figures — eg: May (400K+) and June (500K+).

    'Course, I can't say if any such delta is a significant indicator of Android's sales, much less the result of accurate analysis. Could be merely a figment of Google's reportage MO.

  2. vayapues says:

    That is because Android is WAY better. Which is why I upgraded both my old iPhone and my old iPad to get Android Devices.

  3. Brett says:

    shame the HTC Wildfire is shit slow still, needs updating with faster firmware, or should have had a better processor.

  4. FlanDroid says:

    Not an apples and oranges comparison, genius. Apple is one company selling three models of phone, and two of tablets. So iOS activations are generated only by those sales. Android is installed (in various and sundry iterations) on multiple models of phones, tablets, and readers made by a multitude of vendors.

    The real question becomes, "Whose making the money?" Google gets squat for Android sales, and many Android products ship with the Android Marketplace disabled. While Apples makes a cool 35 – 45% margin off of each and every one of it sales.

    Android can have all the marketshare it wants, especially from the cheap, uninformed drones that buy its products. Business isn't about marketshare; it's about profitability. Who knew?

    And enjoy it while you can, Google. Android will end up costing you for every activation when you lose the lawsuits filed against you for slavishly stealing and copying code from Oracle and design elements from Apple.

    And once Siri is out of beta and your cheap knock-off of its technology fails like all your perma-beta releases, web search will come from Digital Assistants, not from a search engine website. So there goes you ad revenue cash cow. Your days are numbered…

  5. Xperia user says:

    I'm wondering .. Why compare Android activations (an OS) with iPhone4S activations (a specific device)? While there's still probably more Android than iOS activations, it's a bit out of the weird comparing an OS with a deivce, isn't it?

  6. iOS Escape Tech says:

    So Apple isn't too far behind google…