After accidentally leaking the device in its video for the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat software release, today we get a better look at the upcoming Nexus 5 thanks to FCC documents (via Phonescoop).

It’s clear the device in these FCC images is the same as the one we spotted in the promotional video earlier this month, and we also get a clearer look at the much larger camera lens on the back of the device. It’s also more solid proof that the device will indeed be manufactured by LG– and likely based of its new LG G2– after rumors that Google’s Motorola could potentially produce the Nexus 5 started circling last month.

Last week FCC documents surfaced online that also pointed to an LG-made device, as well as a Snapdragon 800 processor, a 5-inch display, and LTE support for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. As with past Nexus launches, it will also be running the latest version of Android, which by the time the device launches will be Android 4.4. Kitkat.

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3 Responses to “FCC gives us a closer look at LG’s upcoming Nexus 5 with larger camera lens”

  1. Which Sprint LTE bands? All three? (800, 1900, 2500)

  2. > FCC gives us a closer look at LG’s upcoming Nexus 5 with larger camera lens

    Actually, that ‘larger lens’ appears to be merely the protective (optical plastic) shield and its support structure. Large size could indicate this piece is user-replaceable, separate from the phone’s rear cover.

    As to the actual ‘lens’ assembly, that would be the much smaller dot within this circular area. Close examination of the centermost section reveals what looks like a disappointingly average-sized camera aperture.

  3. Leonel Fidel says:

    Did I read correctly? Verizon?… Finally. So it’ll be one phone for all? Do we have a clue when we’ll be able to get it?