OnePlus 2 will reportedly look more premium, might have a higher price


The next device from OnePlus, which most assume will be called the OnePlus 2, is probably right around the corner—after all, the current-generation OnePlus One was announced over nine months ago. But what kind of changes does OnePlus have planned for it?

According to a report this morning from Business Insider, the phone is going to look and feel a lot more “premium” than its predecessor, potentially sporting a metal frame. It’s said that this might come with a price bump, however, so lets hope that’s something you’re willing to settle for. Read more

Pebble Time Steel announced, metal version of color e-paper screen smartwatch


A week after Pebble announced a color-screen version of its popular smartwatch, the Pebble Time, it has now announced a stainless steel model: the Pebble Time Steel. The metal version is available in silver, black and gold finishes.

The Time Steel will retail at $299–a hundred bucks more than the plastic original–but you can order one now on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $250 …  Read more

Blackphone 2 announced at Mobile World Congress, Blackphone+ tablet currently in the works


A new version of the $629 privacy-focused Android smartphone Blackphone was announced today by the handset’s maker during the Mobile World Congress event. The new phone will feature significant internal and external upgrades, including a full-HD 5.5-inch display, an improved processor, and a redesigned exterior that sports glass on both the front and back of the device.

The company also says it’s working on a tablet…

Google reverses course on Lollipop’s requirement that devices be encrypted by default


Back when Android 5.0 was announced, Google revealed that it would require all devices running the upgraded OS to use full-disk encryption by default to protect users. However, it seems that Google has now reversed course on that decision and allowed several Lollipop devices to ignore this requirement.

As noted by Ars Technica, several Android devices—both new and old—that run the Lollipop software have decided to forgo encryption for some reason. This includes previously released devices that were upgraded to the new software such as the Moto G, and new devices that ship with Lollipop, like the more recent Moto E.

Read more

Google unveils Nearby Connections feature turning phones & tablets into Android TV game controllers

Nearby Connections Android TV

As part of the Game Developers Conference taking place this week in San Francisco, Google is hosting its own Developer Day and updating its AdMob platform and introducing a new Nearby Connections API for developers.

Using the Nearby Connections API, developers will be able to build a connection between Android phones or tablets and Android TV into games. The Android phone or tablet will display on-screen controls, and game playback will be displayed on Android TV creating a console-like experience without a separate controller. Read more