Google Play Store gaining new features for discovering family-friendly apps, videos, & books


Google gave some stage time today at the I/O conference to a few family-focused changes coming to the Google Play Store. Families can now find age appropriate digital content from apps to game to books to movies and TV shows by tapping a new “Family” button.

This will take you to a section for each media type that allows you to browse for content by age and interest. When you browse the Play Store after tapping the Family button, you’re presented with more than just a curated section of content as other elements of the digital store change as well. Read more

Google’s ‘Inbox’ email app now open to all, updated w/ new features

After first launching its new Inbox app as an alternative email experience to its main Gmail service last year, Google today announced that Inbox is now open to all sans the original invite system while it also introduces a number of new features for the service.

As for features, Google highlighted a new “Trip Bundles” feature that keeps emails related to travel in one place, and improved controls for things like Undo Send, Signatures, and Swipe to Delete: Read more

Google announces Android ‘M’ with a focus on ‘quality end to end,’ developer preview coming soon (Update: dev preview live now)

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.10.18 PM

Update: Developers can find the preview images of Android M for Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE), Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player on the Preview SDK page. Google has said updates to the preview version will roll out regularly and that they’ll come down over-the-air, so you won’t have to flash your phone again each time it’s updated.

Google has announced the next major iteration of Android, called Android “M,” which Android VP of Engineering Dave Burke emphasized has a “focus on quality end to end.” Here are the six core changes coming to Android with this release.

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What are ATAP’s Project Soli and Project Jacquard?


We’re at Google I/O 2015, and just made our way to the press lounge. On the way up, we stopped by the ATAP booth and snapped some spy pictures leading up to the keynote. Apparently, ATAP is working on a couple of new projects: Soli and Jacquard. Let’s see what we can find out before they’re officially announced in the coming hours… Read more

Lenovo goes all Buck Rogers with dual-display smartwatch and phone with dual-function projector


Lenovo has today shown off a couple of product prototypes that fall somewhere on the scale with ‘interesting tech’ at one end and ‘batsh*t crazy’ at the other… Buck Rogers style.

The first is Magic View, a smartwatch with a second display – a really tiny one – embedded in the strap. The idea appears to be that when the main display alerts you to new content, you hold the tiny screen up very, very close to your eye to view that content on the second display. I’m just waiting for someone wearing Google Glass and someone with their smartwatch in front of their nose to walk into each other …  Read more

LG G4 pre-order and launch dates for T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular (Update: now AT&T)


The well-reviewed (click here for our review) and hotly anticipated LG G4 is almost here for most major carriers here in the United States, but the exact date when you can pre-order the phone along with its launch date, pricing, and customization options vary across all of them. We’ve covered the announcements on this information from each carrier as they’ve trickled in, but thought it’d be helpful to collect everything we’ve got as of now into one post.

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Google’s Project Tango tablet now available to everyone for $512 via the Google Store

tangoGoogle’s Project Tango initiative was originally introduced last year alongside a tablet with “advanced vision capabilities.” Until today, the tablet had only been available with an invite, but now the device is listed on the Google Store for anyone to purchase (via Android Police). Google dropped the price of the tablet for invitees to $512 earlier this year and that’s also the price for which the device is available on the Play Store.

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Turn your regular Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge into an Iron Man edition with this $25 skin [Video]

Samsung earlier this week officially introduced an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge, but also noted that it would be available only in South Korea, Hong Kong, and China, leaving fans everywhere else out to dry. Nevertheless, popular accessory company SlickWraps has introduced an aftermarket skin/wrap that gives any Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge the Iron Man design.

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More information emerges regarding Android M’s detailed app permission controls


Earlier this year, a report emerged claiming that Google was planning on giving Android users more control over app permission settings. At the time, it was rumored that Google would add the ability to give users the ability to manually select what pieces of information to which apps have access. Android Police today corroborates the report from earlier this month and offers up a few more details…

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