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We can’t escape Black Friday, it’s all over social media and the blogosphere. But what we can do is hopefully make it a little easier for you to find the best deals. This list won’t include any old Android phones that are discounted. There are plenty out there which we wouldn’t touch even if we’re shopping for a bargain. Instead, this list is only populated with devices we’d recommend buying and are now even better value for money than they’ve ever been.

Here are some of the best deals on great Android smartphones that we know of:

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V-MODA makes some of the best earphones available. While sports stars and celebrities are normally seen wearing Beats, you’re more likely to find a pair of V-MODA cans wrapped around the necks of DJs. And if I’m going to trust someone’s judgement on an audio product, I’ll choose a music professional over a sports-person any day.

In the past, I’ve owned the Crossfade M100 and now, the award-winning earphones are back with an added feature: Wireless connectivity. I’ve been using the Crossfade Wireless for the past week or so, and they’re rather fantastic…

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Feature Request is a new regular 9to5Google series where authors offer their opinion on how to improve popular hardware or software products.

It’s almost impossible not to have an opinion on OnePlus. They make fantastic hardware at competitive prices, and none of us can decide whether the marketing choices they make help or hinder them. A prime example being the invite-only system which either creates so much desire that customers have to take the plunge and buy as soon as they get an invite, or it leaves people so frustrated they never want to talk about OnePlus again. Whichever one it is is beside the point, the OnePlus X is quite possibly the best small, affordable phone on the market this year. But its size is precisely what keeps it from being in my pocket everyday…

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After weeks of speculation and rumors, Huawei finally announced the Mate 8 in Shanghai this morning. It’s being targeted at the Chinese market, but the company is expected to shed more light on the device’s international launch at CES in January next year. Sadly, a lot of details are being left out of today’s press release. The spec-hungry among you will be upset to read that — despite it being official — Huawei has been vague on a number of features…

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