Pocket Casts Stories October 25

The biggest third-party apps have yet to introduce support for the Android 13 media player, with Pocket Casts being a significant addition today if you’re on the beta program.

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Pocket Casts Stories July 17, 2021

Back in January, it emerged that Pocket Casts was up for sale by its public radio consortium owners. Automattic, which is known for WordPress.com and bought Tumblr from Verizon in 2019, announced that its now acquiring Pocket Casts.

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Pocket Casts Stories January 18, 2021

In May 2018, Pocket Casts was acquired by NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life. That consortium of “top podcast producers” is now looking to sell the Android, iOS, and web application.

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Pocket Casts Stories September 17, 2019

The podcasting industry is booming with heavy investment from large players like Google, Apple, and Spotify. NPR and a public radio consortium last year acquired Pocket Casts to offer its own experience and already released a major update in March with version 7.0. Today, Pocket Casts is going free and adding a “Plus” subscription.

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Pocket Casts Stories March 5, 2019

After being acquired by a public radio consortium last May, Pocket Casts announced a major overhaul for the web, iOS, and Android in November. The podcast app for the latter platform is today exiting beta with a Material Theme redesign and several new features.

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Pocket Casts Stories November 14, 2018

Back in May, NPR and a consortium of public radio channels acquired Pocket Casts. It comes amid the “golden age of podcasts,” with Google this year entering the field and detailing ambitious audio plans of its own. Pocket Casts 7.0 is entering public beta on Android today with a major overhaul and new features on all platforms.

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Pocket Casts Stories June 21, 2018

Pocket Casts opens up beta program to all users, here’s how to opt-in

While Google has just launched its own podcast application, the favorite of many users is still that of Pocket Casts. Today, the popular application has announced that it is opening up a beta program to the public on Android.

Pocket Casts Stories May 3, 2018

NPR, public radio consortium acquires popular podcasting app Pocket Casts

In recent weeks, Google announced significant podcasting plans beginning with Search and Assistant integration, while it explores AI features for the future. The space was long brewing before the Google initiatives, and today a consortium of very well-known U.S. public radio stations is acquiring Pocket Casts.

Pocket Casts Stories January 19, 2016

Pocket Casts update adds ‘Ok, Google’ commands to play podcasts

From a good Material Design interface to implementation of new Android features, Pocket Casts is one of the best apps on the Play Store. The podcast player received an update today that added improved voice controls, Marshmallow support, and date-based filters.

Pocket Casts Stories August 18, 2015

Pocket Casts, the popular podcast player for iOS and Android, has been updated on Android to take advantage of Google’s new Nearby technologies for enabling interactions between devices within a close proximity of one another.

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