Like it has done in recent years, Google is today displaying its list of top app picks for the year with around 70 apps total receiving the award.

Google has a section on Google Play displaying the “Best Apps of 2014” and in it includes a number of high-profile apps alongside lesser known entrants. The majority of the apps are free, but there are also a few paid offerings like Over, 7 Minute Workout, djay 2, and others. Some of the bigger names on the list include IFTTT, Shazam, Yahoo News Digest, CNN, Uber, and Mailbox.

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There are a few apps that made the list for the second time this year— like Wunderlist and Duolingo— but last year Google only included a handful of apps compared to the 70 or so this year.

Last year Google also held its Player Choice award for the best apps and games of the year offering a similar list of the best apps as voted by users.

Check out Google’s full list of the Best Apps of 2014 here.

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