Lightbox – the scalable multimedia ads that Google first introduced to the desktop back in 2012 and finally brought to mobile devices in September of this year – are now available to all AdWords advertisers globally.

The Lightbox format allows advertisers to quickly and easily combine existing video, images and maps in an HTML5 ad that will scale correctly for all standard ad sizes and devices. Hovering over the ad expands them to full-size no matter what the device … 


Google has also made it easier for advertisers to track performance by adding custom columns to AdWord reports – for example, splitting out desktop and mobile CPC.


Google said that the feature allowed advertisers to see the metrics that matter most to them.

Ever wish you could create an AdWords column that let’s you see the metrics you care about most? Starting today, you can. We’re introducing custom columns to AdWords reporting, an easy way to create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see. By selecting an existing metric like clicks or conversions, and applying a segment like ‘Computers’ or ‘Mobile’, you can quickly create a new custom column that shows you ‘Computer clicks’ or ‘Mobile conversions.’ Custom columns can be added to any campaign or ad group report. And you can sort, filter, and download them to instantly visualize and take action on your segmented metrics.

Philly Marketing Labs EVP of Paid Search Kim Clinkunbroomer said that she had been beta-testing the feature for several months and described it as “a game changer for analyzing performance.”

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