The Moto Maker has long been a great way to build your own custom Moto X, but now Motorola is letting you customize your Moto 360 smartwatch much the same way. We told you in February that the feature would be coming in March, and this morning it looks like Motorola has pulled the trigger…

With the Moto 360 Moto Maker, there are three main sections: case, band, and face. You can choose between three cases, including dark, light, and a “Champagne Gold” option—which is an additional $30. Bands come in a variety of options, including a 22mm Leather band (in 3 colors), a 24mm metal “Mono link” band, and both 18m and 23mm “Metal” bands available in a few colors.

Finally, while this may seem silly, the Moto Maker also lets you pick which watch face is going to be seen by default when your first turn the device on. You can pick between 6 “light” watch faces and 5 “dark” faces, all of which you’re probably familiar with if you’ve ever used a Moto 360 before.

To get started building, head over to Motorola’s website.

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