Update: The Android app is receiving a similar update that allows users to add notes right from the Share menu. Additionally, hashtags in notes now act as labels.

Google Keep started out as a basic, cross platform note taking app with reminders and has slowly gained more features like image uploading, advanced search, and drawing. An update today adds a new Chrome extension that allows users to easily save and markup web pages and images.

Tapping the extension on a page will pop up a small box in the top right corner of Chrome. By default, the page name becomes the title and the URL becomes the first line of the note. The box disappears after a few seconds, but users can tap the extension again to add more text to the same note. There is also a button to add a label, delete, and open the note in Keep.

In Chrome, the Keep extension is also added to the menu that pops up when users right click on an image. It will ask whether users want to save the entire page in general or just the image. Choosing the latter will add the image to Keep and allows users to add notes. On a blank page, the extension acts as a shortcut to the Keep site and as a way to add a blank note. Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t have an ability to add a reminder.

Overall, the Chrome extension is particularly useful when reading through a long article and adding notes without having to switch to a new tab or putting a window side-by-side.

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