We’re still a month away from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch event, but we’ve already seen a myriad of leaks on both it and the bigger Galaxy S8+. Just about everything has been revealed ahead of the device’s official announcement, from full specs to a new AI assistant (dubbed Bixby) and even some short hands-on clips of both models.

Tonight’s leak comes courtesy of Evleaks and offers a detailed (presumably official) render of the Galaxy S8.

Much like the LG G6 announced earlier this week, the Galaxy S8 bears an 18:9 display (or 2:1 if you prefer to simplify) that gives it a delightfully high screen-to-body ratio, and rounds off the corners for likely the same reason as LG — to improve durability. Following the tradition of Samsung’s popular Edge series, the Galaxy S8’s screen wraps around the sides on both models, giving a more immersive experience and further shrinking its footprint.

Some key things to take away from the newly leaked image: in addition to the typical power and volume buttons, there’s another button on the lefthand side that will presumably provide quick access Samsung’s new Bixby AI. The total count for hardware controls remains the same as before however, thanks to the omission of the physical home button, as the Galaxy S8 will finally bring on-screen navigation to a Samsung smartphone.

There are also five sensors above the display alongside the camera and earpiece; we can assume an iris scanner and ambient light sensor are part of the lineup, but the rest remain a mystery for now.

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at its Unpacked event in New York March 29.

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