Getting an overview of your daily routine from a Google Home smart speaker is super convenient, but for those of us using G Suite calendars, it simply hasn’t been an option. Now, it appears Google is making it possible for Google Home to read events from shared G Suite calendars.

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The company has yet to note this change officially on its support pages, but according to Android Police staff members as well as one tipster, it appears Google has made G Suite calendars much more flexible with Google Home devices. Previously, Google Home couldn’t read aloud events on your calendar if they were originally shared from a G Suite account.

The tipster notes that he used the “Good Morning” routine and noticed that, for the first time, the speaker read out a calendar event tied to his G Suite account. The functionality still seems a bit hit or miss, as AP further notes that routines and direct questions worked, but other users have noticed that the latter doesn’t work for them.

Regardless, it seems that Google is finally hearing the cries of Home users who wish to use their G Suite calendars with the smart speaker. Hopefully, we’ll see a further rollout of this functionality in the coming weeks with it working more reliably too.

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