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September 22

Fitbit will require a Google Account to use new devices and features from 2023 onward

With the launch of Fitbit’s latest devices, “Fitbit by Google” branding was introduced. The Sense 2 and Versa 4 already have a UI modeled after Wear OS 3, but the integration is getting deeper from 2023 onward when Google Accounts will be required to use Fitbit.

September 6

On the wrist: Here’s Sundar Pichai wearing the Pixel Watch [Gallery]

Sundar Pichai talked with Kara Swisher at the 2022 Code Conference this evening in a wide-ranging interview that spanned productivity, competition, and M&A, while the Alphabet and Google CEO was seen wearing the Pixel Watch.

September 1

Android TV gets a new competitor as ‘TiVo OS’ aims for smart TVs [U]

TiVo is a name best known for its DVR back in the early 2000s, but in recent years, the company has moved on to streaming with the TiVo Stream 4K based on Google’s Android TV platform, which hit the market in 2020. Now, though, TiVo has revealed plans to move into proper smart TVs, competing with Google’s Android TV.

August 24

Fitbit ‘by Google’ branding starts to take over ahead of upcoming Pixel Watch integration

Fitbit today unveiled its new lineup of smartwatches and a new fitness tracker, and it’s clear that the brand’s new owner has heavier influence this time around. Ahead of the Pixel Watch bringing Fitbit to Google’s hardware lineup, “Fitbit by Google” seems to be the new branding for the company.

Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 go official with new Wear OS-like UI from $229, Google Wallet coming

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit at one point felt like a death knell for the brand’s smartwatches, but nearly two years after that deal was closed, Fitbit is announcing its first smartwatches under Google. The Fitbit Versa 4 and Fitbit Sense 2 are here.

August 19

Google Wallet coming to Fitbit, likely for Versa 4 and Sense 2

It seems Fitbit is finally preparing to allow Google Wallet on its fitness watches, allowing it to join the existing Fitbit Pay.

August 30

Interview: Fuchsia’s past, present, and future, as told by ex-director Chris McKillop

The former director of engineering for Google’s Fuchsia project, Chris McKillop, has shared with us some insights about how the project got started and where the operating system is going next.

July 27

SpaceX Starlink service could come to iPhone and Android through satellite hotspot

In a filing with the FCC Monday, SpaceX is revealed to be looking to add the 2GHz frequency to its Starlink license for use with “mobile users.” While we don’t know much about what this means, it could be the start of offering its service to cell phone users.

July 26

Years in the making: How Google worked its way up to the Pixel Buds Pro

These days, we’re just floating in a sea of truly wireless earbuds that all sort of do the same thing for too much money. While Google has been working with truly wireless earbuds for years now, the first-party buds to come from the company haven’t always been heavy hitters. Now, Google is launching and shipping […]

July 16

Wordle is rolling out support for syncing across multiple devices now [U]

The hit web game Wordle took the world by storm over the past year, and now it’s about to get a huge upgrade. Now, Wordle will support the ability to sync your progress across multiple devices.

June 23

Nothing Phone (1) is better off for not launching in the US

Yesterday, Nothing announced its upcoming Nothing Phone (1) would not launch in the United States. There were plenty of people in the tech community that were outraged that Nothing had been marketing their device so much in the United States to just turn around and ignore it on their first major device launch. While it […]

June 8

Rumor: Roku could be bought out by Netflix, and that could be great for Google TV

According to a new report from Business Insider, Roku and Netflix may be in talks to see the streaming giant acquire Roku’s business.

May 31

Samsung’s Wear OS switch boosts market share to over 10%, as Fitbit shrinks

According to the latest data on wearables, Samsung’s market share has grown significantly since switching the Galaxy watch series to Wear OS. Meanwhile, Fitbit has seen a dip since being acquired by Google.

May 21

Pixel Buds Pro have to make up for Google’s biggest earbud mistakes

Google’s legacy in earbuds is… complicated. There’s been a lot to love with the Pixel Buds series, but also some serious mistakes. Now, we’re preparing for the launch of the Pixel Buds Pro, and they have to learn from Google’s mistakes and problems to date.

May 11

As Pixel Watch goes all-in on Fitbit, founder says Google Fit will coexist for now

The culmination of Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit is here, with the Pixel Watch officially coming later this year with a fully integrated Fitbit experience. What does that mean for Google Fit? We’ve been curious to know for a while, but it seems Fitbit and Google Fit only have plans to coexist.

May 4

Google acquires microLED startup Raxium to boost hardware team, likely for AR

Following rumors, Google announced today that it has acquired microLED startup Raxium to join the Devices & Services team.

April 30

This week’s top stories: Fitbit for irregular heart rhythm, Pixel Watch fitness sensor, more

In this week’s top stories: Fitbit launches monitoring for irregular heart rhythms on select trackers, Pixel Watch appears to borrow its fitness sensor from Fitbit, Nothing shows off its Android launcher, and more.

April 28

Google previews I/O 2022 schedule, ‘What’s new’ keynotes, and sessions

With I/O 2022 just two weeks away, Google this afternoon previewed the schedule for its developer conference.

April 25

Pixel Watch appears to have the same health sensors as Fitbit Charge 5

With the design fully leaked, questions about Google’s Pixel Watch turn to the software and internal hardware specs. One clue about the health capabilities is how the Pixel Watch’s rear sensors are very similar, if not identical, to ones found on the Fitbit Charge 5 and Luxe.

April 14

Imagine if Google had bought Twitter: stability, Hangouts becoming DMs, and more

Elon Musk started by tweeting out  – if not demanding – Twitter feature requests/changes in a truly remarkable moment for technology and corporate governance. This led to a rejected board seat and this morning’s acquisition attempt, complete with “Plan B” if/when the board rejects. Decrees-by-tweet and hostile takeovers cannot be a sustainable way to run […]

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