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March 17

Google Search adds sorting for dictionary definitions by topic

When you’re looking to define a word quickly, Google Search’s dictionary feature often comes in handy. Pulling its data from Oxford‘s Lexico service, users often look to Google for fast, reliable definitions. But because the English language is so complex and flexible, some words have come to have many definitions that are difficult to distinguish. […]


Google’s 3D tigers, other animals surge in popularity among parents amid coronavirus

With schools out in many areas around the United States, many parents have been forced to get creative when it comes to keeping kids entertained. As it turns out, the live 3D view of animals Google provides in Search, such as tigers and pandas, have exploded in popularity, becoming a tool for parents and even […]

March 23

Google removes Kodi from search results following copyright complaint

Google Search is one of the biggest ways that software services manage to get new users, so disappearing from those results can be really bad. For Kodi and VLC, that nightmare scenario is happening as Google has removed the services from Search following a copyright complaint.

March 25

Google Play now lists download counts in store search results

Besides ratings, download counts are a good indicator when deciding whether to install an app. Google Play now includes that metric directly in the list view of search results.

March 11

Google brings Play Store dark theme all the way back to Android 5.0 with manual setting

After rolling out to Android 10 devices last October, the Google Play Store’s dark theme is now available for “any” phone and tablet going back to 2014. This wider launch also comes with a preferences menu to manually set the look.

March 25

Google Maps listings add ‘temporarily closed’ option during coronavirus outbreak

Many businesses depend on Google Maps and Search to drive customers to their locations, but during the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have had to shut down temporarily. Now, Google Maps is adding a “temporarily closed” option for these businesses.

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