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Exclusives Stories October 8

While the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have thoroughly leaked, Made by Google has repeatedly teased that there is more to “know.” Since the hardware has been fully detailed in “first looks” and even “reviews,” that leaves software features that are often under development until the very last second before the announcement.

Now, with less than 24 hours before the October 9th event, we can exclusively detail several upcoming AI-powered features for the Google Pixel 3 camera, including “Top Shot,” “Photobooth,” “Super res zoom,” and more.

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Exclusives Stories August 23

If there’s one thing that the Google Pixel has been known for since its inception, it’s the camera. With the forthcoming Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the Mountain View company is tripling down with improvements across the board and some new ideas. Sources tell us there are upgrades to the rear shooter, a new Visual Core chip, a front-facing dual-camera setup w/ new ‘Super Selfies’, and more.

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Exclusives Stories August 22

Details about the forthcoming Google Pixel 3 XL have been leaking out for several months now, and in recent weeks, that steady stream of information has kicked into full gear. Today alone, camera samples, a video of the phone charging wirelessly, and some high-res photographs surfaced, proving that there are several people that already have near-production units in hand.

9to5Google has learned that many of the leaks in recent weeks have come thanks to one Ukrainian seller, offering a large number of possibly stolen Pixel 3 XL units for $2,000 each.

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Exclusives Stories July 26

Fortnite players everywhere are well aware that the popular game — which has been available on the App Store for quite a while now — has yet to hit Android. Now, we’ve learned a few tidbits about its imminent launch from a source familiar with the plan. The game will be available exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days and then arrive on other Android handsets shortly thereafter.

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Exclusives Stories May 5

You may have noticed that we got our hands on some as-yet unreleased Google app icons this week, and we’ve slowly been trickling them out as we’ve become a little more confident on what they might mean. While all we have are these little icons and their names for now, here’s the full gallery of all the ones we have and what they might mean for announcements at Google I/O next week…

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Exclusives Stories April 16

We’ve been talking about Android P’s forthcoming navigation revamp here at 9to5Google for about a month, and just last week Google finally let the cat out of the bag itself in a leaked navigation bar in a screenshot on one of the company’s official blogs. Now, based on information from a source who has used the new UI, we have details on how it works and what it looks like.

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