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Exclusives Stories April 18

The latest version of the Google Home app for Android is rolling out this morning and it reveals two new codenames. Google Home 2.10 describes “Zion” — a “border router” with “built-in smart plug” — in-depth and “Speaker V,” as well as a “ultrasound proximity detection” feature.

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Exclusives Stories April 15

Several days ago, Google itself accidentally leaked the names of both the Pixel 3a and the forthcoming Nest Hub Max. At the same time, the company accidentally revealed a potential rebrand for the smaller Home Hub to “Nest Hub”. We can now confirm that is indeed what’s happening when these products launch in the coming weeks.

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Since the first model’s launch in 2016, the Google Pixel has been exclusively available — at least in the United States — either unlocked via the Google Store or purchased through Verizon. Now we’ve seen evidence that another US carrier, T-Mobile, could begin carrying last year’s Google Pixel 3, and possibly the soon-to-launch Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 as well.

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Exclusives Stories April 11

In the last few weeks, Google developers have become less tight-lipped about the upcoming Pixel 4 phone, mentioning it twice in the Android Open Source Project. Today, another layer of the mystery has been unraveled to reveal the codenames of the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and a third, unknown Google device.

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Exclusives Stories April 10

Notable Material Theme redesigns in recent weeks have included Gmail for Android and Google Drive. The next major one could be for the Play Store, with 9to5Google this evening successfully enabling a significant revamp for the app store with version 14.5.52.

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Exclusives Stories March 18

According to a source familiar with the phones, the forthcoming mid-range Google Pixels are indeed called the “Google Pixel 3a” and the “Google Pixel 3a XL”, as was first rumored last week. We can also independently confirm some previously-rumored specifications and offer some more details about the devices…

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