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Exclusives Stories October 12

Google’s Pixel 4 is coming on October 15th and tons of information about the device has already been leaked. However, pricing details have been both scarce and unreliable so far. Today, we’re getting some new details on the Pixel 4 XL and Nest Mini pricing.

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Exclusives Stories October 9

Over the past month, we’ve been slowly learning more about what the Project Soli powered “Motion Sense” on Google Pixel 4 can and can’t do. Now, we’ve found evidence of how Google would open Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 to app and game developers, including a Unity game engine plugin.

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Exclusives Stories October 7

Back at I/O 2018, Sundar Pichai showed Google Photos re-creating a black-and-white photo in color. This May, the Google Photos team provided an update saying that “Colorize” is still on track. Today, we’ve enabled a beta of the filter.

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For the past five years, Google has required that Android smartphones ship with a message on their boot screen that says “Powered by Android.” Now, we’re learning that the requirements around this message will including Google’s new Android branding starting in 2020.

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Android 10’s new gesture navigation system is a bit of a mixed bag, but it’s what Google wants to be a standard across every Android device. Now, we’re learning that Google is going to force OEMs to hide their own gesture navigation systems in Android, even going so far as to not include them in the setup wizard.

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Exclusives Stories October 5

Since exclusively showing the “new Google Assistant” in action on Wednesday, one common question we’ve been asked is about availability. Unsurprisingly, the next-generation Assistant will launch first on the Pixel 4 in the US, but it’s also “coming soon” to three other countries.

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