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April 2013 - August 2019

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Google plans to launch a followup to 2017’s Google Home Mini with a second-generation ‘Nest Mini,’ a reliable source tells 9to5Google. It’s a departure from the previous model in name, but also a substantial upgrade in features. This year’s Nest Mini will pack a wall mount, better sound, and more.

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Exclusives Stories August 7

The physical appearance and some headlining features of the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have already been confirmed by Google itself, but there are still plenty of specs that Google still hasn’t said anything about. A reliable source has now provided us with detailed specifications for the forthcoming devices, including mention of some features not reported until now…

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Exclusives Stories July 18

For the past few months, we’ve been tracking developments in Chrome that point to Android becoming a competitor to KaiOS by entering the feature phone market. Today, the first purported image of an Android feature phone has come to light, with Nokia stylings.

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Exclusives Stories July 15

Android Q is poised to bring a vast swath of smaller quality-of-life changes to our phones. The latest change discovered in a leaked release of Android Q is that Google Translate is being directly integrated with the Recents view, via the Pixel Launcher.

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Exclusives Stories July 13

Google last month took the unprecedented step of confirming the Pixel 4 and releasing an official image. The device has already been spotted in the wild, and 9to5Google today received another set of pictures showing off the Pixel 4 and its very notable camera bump.

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Exclusives Stories July 2

Since early this year, we’ve been tracking the development of what appears to be a KaiOS competitor being built within Google using Android and Chrome. We were able to get hands-on with an early build of this “touchless” Chrome to explore Google’s vision for Android-powered feature phones.

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