ASUS C302CA Stories March 20

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ASUS’ UK store surfaces the evasive Chromebook Flip C302CA with 8GB RAM

One of the more exciting Chrome OS announcements lately has been ASUS’ new Chromebook Flip C302CA. While its name isn’t too attention grabbing, the Chromebook itself is, offering up fantastic competition to Samsung’s new Chromebooks. However, we’ve known for a while that ASUS would be offering a model of this new machine with 8GB of RAM, but it has been tough to find. Now, ASUS is releasing that model, in the UK…

ASUS C302CA Stories March 17

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2017 has seen two big consumer-facing Chromebook releases so far: the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro, and the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA. Both are a part of the “third phase” of Chromebook design I explained in my Chromebook Plus review, which means that both are clearly designed with Android apps in mind.

I’ve been using both of these machines for the past couple of weeks, and in that time, I’ve come to form opinions about both, and see the strengths and weaknesses of each. So, let’s take a closer look at how the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro and ASUS C302CA compare…

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ASUS C302CA Stories December 26, 2016

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Even with Andromeda potentially on the horizon, we’re still looking at some awesome things in the Chrome OS world. Android apps are slowly making their way to current Chromebooks, new models have recently hit the market, and even more are on the horizon. However, today we’re getting our first look at a brand new model which seems to be ASUS’ successor to the popular Chromebook Flip.

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