Google Research Stories April 21

Google’s long-term goal for its hardware is having technology that’s always available in the background to help. The latest work towards Ambient Computing from Google is about “hidden interfaces” where the display is invisible unless being used. This is similar to the 2020 Nest Thermostat with its mirror-finish screen.

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Google Research Stories April 16, 2018

Machine learning has the potential to fuel major technological developments in countless fields, with Alphabet’s X division already investigating agriculture and food production usage. A team inside Google is now using it for cancer research and detection with a prototype microscope.

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Google Research Stories April 13, 2018

One particular advancement driven by machine learning is the ability for computers to understand natural language, with Google showcasing these improvements with Smart Reply. Its Research division has been exploring other applications and today releasing two fun and interesting demos.

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Google Research Stories July 25, 2017

For years, nuclear fusion has been widely regarded as the “holy grail” of clean energy production. Google’s research division is now entering the fray by partnering with American fusion company Tri Alpha Energy on an algorithm that better models reactions.

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Google Research Stories June 22, 2016


Any SF fan will be familiar with Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics, designed to ensure that robots were safe to be around. Scientists at Google, OpenAI, Stanford and Berkeley have just published a paper proposing the real-life equivalent for AI systems.

In a blog post summarising the proposal, Google Research’s Chris Olah says that while the team believes that AI will greatly benefit humanity, the risks do also need to be considered …

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Google Research Stories June 17, 2016


As Apple plays catch up in many ways, the Mountain View company is doubling down on machine learning efforts that will play an important role in future products. Earlier this week, Google launched a dedicated Machine Learning research group in Europe.

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Google Research Stories December 11, 2015

halo-4-cortana-256389A group of influential technology entrepreneurs and investors introduced today a new non-profit artificial intelligence research company called ‘OpenAI’. Tesla CEO Elon Musk joins his former PayPal colleagues and venture capitalists Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, along with several other tech investors, to pledge $1 billion toward the organisation with the goal to “advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole”. expand full story

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