Google Weather Stories August 4

Google tests eye-catching Weather Tile redesign on Wear OS

Just before I/O last year, Wear OS added Tiles to the right of the watchface that provide quick access to bite-sized pieces of information. After recently adding one for hand washing, Google is tweaking the Weather tile with a bold and fresh new design.

Google Weather Stories December 31, 2019

Earlier this year, the Google app weather card was redesigned with themed cover images that match the current condition. Google Weather and the whimsical frog are now getting in on the New Year’s Eve action with a series of 2020 illustrations, depending on your forecast.

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Google Weather Stories April 18, 2019

Google makes it easy to access common data with cards in popular searches. Now, the company is redesigning the search cards for Weather and Movie showtimes.

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Google Weather Stories November 30, 2018

The weather is a very popular question that people search for and frequently ask Google Assistant on Home, Smart Displays, Android, and other devices. However, this particular query is currently experiencing some issues this morning and not providing back any results.

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Google Weather Stories November 11, 2018

Checking the weather is a key function of every device from phones to Google Home to Smart Displays. On Android, Google Search has a rather excellent built-in weather experience that is well-designed and visually delightful. Unfortunately, Google Weather on Android and Google Search over the past few months has lost the ability to check air quality.

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