LastPass Stories March 15

How to export your passwords from LastPass and pick another password manager

With LastPass kicking in tighter restrictions on free accounts this week, you might be looking to switch to either a different paid service or another free one. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do exactly that. Here’s how to switch from LastPass and export all of your passwords.

LastPass Stories February 16

One of the most attractive features of the popular password manager LastPass is that, if you choose to, you can use it pretty effectively without paying a dime. That comes to an end in March, as LastPass has just announced that its free tier will be restricted to only one device type starting next month.

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LastPass Stories January 23, 2020

LastPass deleted its Chrome extension by mistake, will be back soon

LastPass is my password manager of choice, and recently, the company caused some confusion by accidentally deleting its Chrome extension. Rest assured, though, the extension should be restored any time now.

LastPass Stories October 23, 2019

Google’s Pixel 4 ditches the fingerprint sensor in exchange for face unlock. The new method is a big departure in the world of Android, though, and some apps will need to be updated to fully support it. Today, LastPass has confirmed it will support Pixel 4 face unlock.

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LastPass Stories February 19, 2018

Android Oreo doesn’t really add a massive amount of features to Google’s OS, but it has them where it counts. That includes a new API for autofill which makes signing into accounts easier. Now, LastPass is adding full support for the feature.

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LastPass Stories November 16, 2017

Last week, Google announced a crackdown on apps that do not use Accessibility Services for its intended purpose. This was specifically intended to counter a “toast overlay” attack. While a good security move, it seemingly put popular apps like password managers at risk of no longer functioning.

Fortunately, Google is giving services like LastPass an exemption for the moment as it works towards a long-term solution with Autofill in Oreo.

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