LastPass Stories December 23, 2022

How to export your passwords from LastPass and pick another password manager

After first tightening down free accounts in 2021, LastPass has now confirmed a major security breach that led to hackers getting their hands on password vaults. There’s never been a better time to move to another password manager, so here are a few tips on how to do so switch from LastPass and export all of your passwords.

LastPass Stories August 15, 2022

How to import passwords to 1Password from Google Chrome

Generally, people don’t often use more than one password management app. With security apps like that, users tend to pick one and stick with it. If you happen to be moving to 1Password, you’ll want to export passwords from other sites like Google or LastPass, bring all of your credentials with you, and import to 1Password. Fortunately, it’s easy and this guide will walk you through it in no time.

LastPass Stories December 28, 2021

Some LastPass users are mysteriously seeing their Master Passwords compromised

Password managers are a great way to improve your online security, but it would be a nightmare scenario if your password manager’s account were hacked. This week, some LastPass users report that their Master Passwords appear to have been compromised, but LastPass says things are technically working as they’re supposed to.

LastPass Stories December 14, 2021

LastPass working on a ‘delightful’ mobile app as it becomes an independent company

Password managers are an excellent tool to help secure your online life, but they vary quite a bit in quality. LastPass has long been a reliable option, but its app has fallen behind the competition. Today, LastPass announced that it would become an independent company and, along with that, plans to redesign its mobile apps.

LastPass Stories February 16, 2021

One of the most attractive features of the popular password manager LastPass is that, if you choose to, you can use it pretty effectively without paying a dime. That comes to an end in March, as LastPass has just announced that its free tier will be restricted to only one device type starting next month.

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LastPass Stories January 23, 2020

LastPass deleted its Chrome extension by mistake, will be back soon

LastPass is my password manager of choice, and recently, the company caused some confusion by accidentally deleting its Chrome extension. Rest assured, though, the extension should be restored any time now.

LastPass Stories October 23, 2019

Google’s Pixel 4 ditches the fingerprint sensor in exchange for face unlock. The new method is a big departure in the world of Android, though, and some apps will need to be updated to fully support it. Today, LastPass has confirmed it will support Pixel 4 face unlock.

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LastPass Stories February 19, 2018

Android Oreo doesn’t really add a massive amount of features to Google’s OS, but it has them where it counts. That includes a new API for autofill which makes signing into accounts easier. Now, LastPass is adding full support for the feature.

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LastPass Stories November 16, 2017

Last week, Google announced a crackdown on apps that do not use Accessibility Services for its intended purpose. This was specifically intended to counter a “toast overlay” attack. While a good security move, it seemingly put popular apps like password managers at risk of no longer functioning.

Fortunately, Google is giving services like LastPass an exemption for the moment as it works towards a long-term solution with Autofill in Oreo.

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LastPass Stories August 21, 2017

LastPass launches public beta, introduces support for Android O’s autofill APIs

With the official release of Android 8.0 Oreo, we are going to start seeing application updates to support the platform’s new APIs. The latest to do just that is LastPass, opening a new public beta that makes full use of the OS’s new autofill APIs…

LastPass Stories August 3, 2017

LastPass announces pricing for ‘Families’ plan; doubles cost of Premium option

Last month, LastPass announced that it would soon be introducing a new “Families” plan for sharing passwords, bank account info, and other sensitive data among family members. We finally have pricing details on how much LastPass Families will cost, but in addition to that, the existing Premium option is also seeing a price hike.

LastPass Stories July 18, 2017

In today’s world, it is important to have strong, unique, and secure passwords protecting all of your online accounts. Services like LastPass make this easy to do with tools that generate random passwords and store them with strong encryption. Today, LastPass has announced that it will soon make family sharing a priority…

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LastPass Stories April 9, 2017

LastPass teases what to expect with Android O’s Autofill API

LastPass is my password manager of choice and I love the way it works with Android to automatically fill in passwords and usernames in apps I download. In Android O, however, apps like LastPass are about to get a whole lot better, and now the company has given us a peek at what users can expect in future updates.

LastPass Stories January 5, 2016


LastPass has updated its Android app and browser extensions to version 4.0 to add an emergency access feature and shared passwords, as well as a significantly revamped user-interface.

Emergency Access (shown below) is designed to ensure that you aren’t permanently locked out of your account if you ever forget your master password.

Emergency Access lets users designate trusted family, friends or colleagues to have access to their password vault in the case of an emergency. For added security, a user can require a waiting period between when an Emergency Access contact can request access to the vault and when access is granted. During the waiting period, users can decline an Emergency Access request to their vault.

The new Sharing Center is designed to provide a safe method of allowing multiple people access to the same account, such as when two or more family members want access to utility accounts …

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LastPass Stories August 11, 2015


LastPass, which claims to be the world’s most popular password manager, now offers the choice of free usage on either mobile or desktop platforms. Previously, desktop use was free while use on a mobile device required a $12 annual subscription.

You can now use for free on either platform – but still need to pay to get both mobile and desktop usage. LastPass told us that, seven years in, it was time to change its freemium pricing model …  expand full story

LastPass Stories April 28, 2015

As it usually does, Samsung is giving away a bunch of free content to owners of its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and now it has revealed what exactly will be included this time around. expand full story

LastPass Stories April 10, 2015

LastPass Android app updated to Material Design, Galaxy S6/edge owners get Premium free

The LastPass password manager app has been given a Material Design makeover, and the company has partnered with Samsung to provide Galaxy S6/edge owners with between three and six months of free Premium membership, allowing cross-device use.

On smartphones with fingerprint sensors, you can unlock the app with your fingerprint and then enter passwords automatically. Autofill of passwords and form data is available in the Android version of Chrome, as well as the LastPass browser.

If you’re an S6 owner, check the LastPass app to see the local Premium offer for your region.

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