Material Design 2 Stories April 26, 2018

With I/O 2018 just 12 days away, Google has updated the companion Android app for livestreamers and in-person attendees at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The app features a heavy dosage of Google’s latest Material Design stylings, while the client is simplified compared to previous years.

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Material Design 2 Stories April 25, 2018

In addition to a leak late last month, the Gmail on the web revamp confirmed the existence of Google Tasks. Today, Google’s new and unified to-do solution is available for Android with heavy “Material Design 2” stylings.

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Material Design 2 Stories April 23, 2018

Over the weekend, we spotted a Material Design “refresh” for Chrome on Windows, while we’ve previously managed to enable “Material Design 2” in the Google app and Feed. Today, we’ve been able to access it in Google Play services with revamped “My Account” settings in what is likely our best look at Google’s future design language.

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Material Design 2 Stories April 22, 2018

Since the launch of Android P in March, there has been a lot of discussion about Google’s future design direction. Falling under the general banner of “Material Design 2,” that possible “refresh” is now live in the latest version of Chrome Canary for Windows.

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Material Design 2 Stories April 10, 2018

Since the debut of Material Design, Google’s designs have been my favorite. However, it’s been quite a long time since Material Design first landed, and the look of various Google apps is starting to get stale. With Material Design 2 supposedly on the horizon, we’ve been curious what the company has in store, and thanks to a new concept, we can imagine what that will look like…

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Material Design 2 Stories April 6, 2018

In February, a Chromium commit revealed that Google was working on “Material Design 2” as part of a Chrome interface revamp. It now appears that the mention was somewhat inaccurate, with the entry only referring to a touch-friendly version of the browser. However, Material Design 2 is still being developed and could come as soon as this year.

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