Super Mario Run Stories March 22, 2017

Right on cue (actually a bit ahead of cue, technically), the long-awaited Super Mario Run is now available for Android. This comes, as tends to be pretty usual in Android app releases, just over 3 months since the app first arrived on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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Super Mario Run Stories March 18, 2017

Nintendo has finally announced that Super Mario Run will arrive on the Play Store on March 23. This has been a long time coming for Android users, since Nintendo released the game on iOS back in December. Previously, Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would arrive on the Play Store in March without giving specifics…

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Super Mario Run Stories December 28, 2016

Initially announced and released as an iOS first in mid-December, Super Mario Run now has a Google Play Store listing. While not immediately available, users can pre-register and be alerted when the game is available to download.

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Super Mario Run Stories September 7, 2016

Shortly before announcing the iPhone 7, Apple revealed that Nintendo would be launching the first official Mario title on mobile. Since it was announced at an Apple event, many falsely assumed that it was an iOS exclusive. Nintendo rather said it would be on iOS first, and now, Kotaku has obtained confirmation from Nintendo that the game will indeed be coming to Android in the future…

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