Xperia Z4 Stories June 16, 2015


When the Sony Xperia Z4 was announced earlier this year, we weren’t sure when—if ever—it would be coming to the United States. Now, as has been announced this morning by Verizon, it looks like the Japanese company is bringing the device to North America by way of the Big Red. As we noted before, the device definitely isn’t a drastic departure from what we know of as the Xperia Z3. But the Z4v brings some improvements and features that the Z4 doesn’t have… expand full story

Xperia Z4 Stories May 25, 2015


When Sony announced its new flagship smartphone back in April, the Xperia Z4, there wasn’t a solid launch date other than this summer for the Japan market. Now, it appears Sony’s team in China has announced a May 26 launch date, meaning we could see the device sooner rather than later outside of Japan. expand full story

Xperia Z4 Stories April 20, 2015


The Xperia Z4 smartphone isn’t exactly a secret, but now Sony has come out to officially announce the device in Japan. It’s basically the smartphone version of the Xperia Z4 tablet that was announced in March, and like that device, it doesn’t seem to be much of a visual overhaul compared to its predecessor. It does pack some pretty hefty upgrades on the inside, though, including an upgraded SoC and front-facing camera… expand full story

Xperia Z4 Stories April 9, 2015


We first saw renders of the Xperia Z4 early last month, and now a new image has popped up on the Internet via @onleaks showing the same device in a different color. We previously saw an all-white phone with what appeared to be aluminum bezels, but now we have our eyes on the black variant of Sony’s upcoming flagship.

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Xperia Z4 Stories March 30, 2015


<a href="">Xperia Z4 renders</a>


Two pieces of Android news for Sony fans today including believed specs on upcoming hardware and official word on software updates for current smartphones and tablets.

First up is what could be hardware specs for the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone. We saw renders of what could be the Xperia Z4 earlier this month, and now bench results capture what we could expect to see inside Sony’s next flagship… expand full story

Xperia Z4 Stories March 16, 2015

Supposed renders of Sony’s Xperia Z4 smartphone leak out

In case you didn’t catch it, Steve Hemmerstoffer of the well-known French site has started his own Twitter account specifically dedicated to leaks: @onleaks. He’s been really cranking them out lately, and recently showed us some purported press renders of the LG G4. He has a relatively decent track record, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of these things turn out to be legitimate…

Today, he has come out to show us a render of what he claims is Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z4 smartphone:

Looking at the visual appearance of the software, it lines up pretty well with what can be found on the Xperia Z4 tablet that Sony launched earlier this month. The design of the clock, as well as the icons below (Video, Album, etc.) are all identical to their tablet counterparts—and they’re arranged similarly as well. The design of the device itself is notably unexciting, however, and it’s not much of a departure from its predecessor. (But that seems to be a common thread this year.)

Update: Hemmerstoffer has posted some more renders…

We told you this morning that Sony is finally launching Android Lollipop on the company’s 2014 flagship, the Xperia Z3.

Xperia Z4 Stories December 4, 2014


Qualcomm is experiencing problems with its upcoming Snapdragon 810 chip, expected to power several of next year’s flagship smartphones – potentially delaying their launch. The high-powered chip is expected to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4, and has also been slated for a new Motorola phablet.

Business Korea cites an unnamed industry source in reporting that testing of the chip has revealed several issues.

The Snapdragon 810 overheats when it reaches a specific voltage. It also slows down owing to problems with the RAM controller connected to the AP. In addition, there is an error in the driver of the Adreno 430 GPU.

The 810 is a 64-bit octa-core chip supporting 4K displays, and hence a likely bet for the next generation of top-tier phones …  expand full story

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