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October 20

India demands third-party Android app stores in Play Store as it hits Google with fine

Google has been under intense scrutiny for its practice of requiring certain apps to be installed on Android phones, and now India is the latest country to hit Google with a multimillion-dollar fine.

October 27

Google reportedly strikes deal that allows Android partners to make Amazon Fire TVs

As it continues to face intense scrutiny for its practices with Android partners, Google has just struck a new deal with Amazon that will allow Android partners to produce Amazon Fire TVs.

June 10

Black Shark 5 Pro is an Android gaming powerhouse, available now for $799

Whether you’re gaming on PC or from your mobile, every little boost to frame rate can make the difference in your reaction time, and that demands high-performance hardware. The new Black Shark 5 Pro is available now with gamer-ready specs to give you an advantage in your next battle.

May 17

Google’s Android TV partners can apparently make Fire TVs now, as Hisense plays both sides

Google’s Android TV has long been competing for its place in the market, and in the United States it primarily goes against Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV. Most Android TV and Google TV partners also sell Roku models, but they’ve never mixed in with Fire TV. That changes now, as Hisense has launched its first […]

March 14

Court rules in favor of Google after Genius claimed ‘stolen’ lyrics… again [Updated]

In 2019, lyric-website Genius accused Google of ripping off its lyric transcriptions to use in Search even catching Google “red-handed” in the act. Following a court case win in 2020, Google has once again prevailed in court over this matter.

May 16, 2017

CTL offers 15-pack of J2 Chromebook for education as alternative to Apple’s iPad mini offer

CTL’s J2 Chromebook has received good reviews as a popular budget option for use in the classroom. Today the company is announcing an even easier way for schools to invest in the device with a new 15-unit pack that it says will be competitive with Apple’s iPad mini bulk offers.

April 17, 2017

Google drops Android pre-install restrictions on search engines, apps in Russia after settlement

Following a 2015 ruling of anti-monopoly behavior involving Android, Google has settled with Russia’s regulatory agency in an out-of-court deal. Google will allow apps and competing search engines to be pre-loaded on devices, with a new tool to select the latter.

February 17, 2017

After showing out for President Trump, Masayoshi Son looks at merging Sprint and T-Mobile

A new Reuters report today shares that SoftBank is willing to hand over control of Sprint to Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile to make a merger happen, according to unnamed sources close to the matter. Discussions haven’t begun yet, but are expected to start in April after the FCC auction of airwaves and anti-collusion ban is over. With Verizon […]

September 1, 2015

The never-ending Google anti-trust story: the company could now face civil claims in Europe

It seems Google’s legal woes in Europe will never end. The European Commission has long been running an investigation into whether Google was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour in Europe, which finally resulted in a filing of charges in April and a warning of large fines in June. It may be next year – some six years after […]

September 25, 2014

Dear Rupert: Google responds to News Corp’s open letter to EU

In response to a recent open letter from News Corp to the European Commission accusing Google of exploiting its “dominant market position to stifle competition,” Google today issued an official response in a blog post published on its European Policy blog. While noting its efforts to help publishers through various online initiatives, Google also addressed News […]

August 11, 2014

Acer takes on Samsung’s Chromebook 2 with better battery-life & faster graphics for $100 less

Acer is providing tough competition for Samsung’s Chromebook 2 with its new Chromebook 13, offering 11-hour battery life with full HD display for $100 less. The NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.1GHz quad-core processor should give the 1920×1080 display even better graphics performance than Samsung’s Exynos-powered model, as well as beating its 9-hour battery-life, for $299 against Samsung’s […]

May 1, 2014

Consumer rights group brings new class-action anti-trust suit against Google over Android and search

Consumer rights group Hagens Berman has filed a new class-action lawsuit against Google alleging that the company’s rise to dominance in the search market was only driven by its inclusion as the default search option in Android, and that Google’s insistence that corporate Android licensees include the company’s first party software has artificially driven up the […]

February 12, 2014

Google Mobile Services restrictions for OEMs once again coming under scrutiny

The Wall Street Journal has published a new report in which it claims that there are some major “strings attached” for manufacturers when it comes to using Android. According to documents obtained by the publication, Google has imposed strict regulations on companies that wish to have access to YouTube or the Play Store on their […]

December 14, 2013

Canada’s Competition Bureau targets Google with formal inquiry

Oh Canada as the country’s Competition Bureau is targeting Google with a formal inquiry. Our neighbors to the north are eyeballing el Goog over concern the company is abusing its position as the worlds most dominant search engine.

October 1, 2013

European anti-trust case against Google likely to end after fresh proposals

The European Union’s long-running anti-trust case against Google, in which the search company was accused of using its dominant position in search to stifle competition, looks set to finally be resolved – though we may have to wait until Spring to learn the details. Reuters reports that Google has made new proposals, which the EU suggests […]

September 9, 2013

Google offering new concessions in EU antitrust case – but neither side saying what they are

The on-going saga of the EU’s anti-trust case against Google, accusing it of using its dominant position in search to block competition, continues with Google making fresh proposals to the Competition Commission.

Google’s initial response was to offer to:

  • clearly separate sponsored links from organic search results, and to link to rival search services
  • allow publishers to choose what content is included in Google’s various search results
  • allow website owners to sell advertising from competitor companies alongside Google ads
  • allow advertisers to manage search advertising campaigns across competing platforms …

After seeking feedback on the proposals from other interested parties (read: Microsoft and others who feel they are unfairly treated), the EU rejected them as not going far enough.

Reuters reports that Google has now offered further concessions, but neither Google nor the EU has yet revealed what these are.

July 12, 2013

Google making friends at Sun Valley conference: Apple, Hollywood

The sometimes stormy relationship between Google and Apple appears to be growing friendlier, with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt telling Reuters at the annual Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley that the two companies were having “lots and lots” of meetings. Schmidt did not provide details about the nature of the meetings during comments to reporters at the annual […]

June 14, 2013

Google being investigated by EU over allegations made by Nokia, Microsoft

According to a new report out of the Financial Times, Google is being investigated by European officials due to allegations that it has anti-competitive deals set up with select smartphone manufacturers. This isn’t the first time Google has run into trouble with the EU, as the company has been investigated for antitrust issues in the […]

April 9, 2013

Google faces new European anti-trust complaint over mobile apps

Microsoft, Nokia and others have accused Google of anti-competitive practices in the licensing terms for its smartphone and tablet apps, reports the NY Times. A complaint filed collectively to European anti-trust regulators says that Google’s conditions for including its apps on a mobile device amount to “a deceptive way to build advantages for key Google […]

March 1, 2013

JetBlue designs Google Glass concepts for #ifihadglass contest (Photos)

Google announced a “If I Had Glass” contest last week for pre-orders of the Explorer Edition of Glass, and JetBlue has apparently designed five concepts and entered the competition on Google+.

The airliner showcased its imagination on Wednesday, and one of its more notable depictions featured Glass displaying navigation directions for those trying to find the baggage claim area. Other mockups envisioned Glass pointing travelers to open outlets at the boarding gate, calculating taxi fares for destinations, etc.

Check ’em all out:

JetBlue also told Google (via the #ifihadglass hashtag) that it would “continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens” if it had Google Glass.

Google’s Glass contest closed Feb. 27.


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