According to a report from mobile ad network provider Opera Mediaworks (via ComputerWorld), Android devices received more ad traffic than iPhones and iPads for the first time ever in the first quarter of 2014. The data shows that Android devices, including both phones and tablets, accounted for 42.8 percent of mobile ad impressions, while iOS devices accounted for slightly lies at 38.2 percent.

iOS devices still led in terms of revenue, however, receiving 52 percent of ad revenue. Android devices climbed to 33.5 percent of revenue, up from 27 percent a year ago. In terms of location, the United States still drives the most mobile ad traffic with 50.6 percent. Asia-Pacific countries were second with 23 percent, and European countries came in with 13 percent.

The sheer volume of Android devices obviously helped Google’s operating system take the crown for the most ad traffic. The IDC reported that Android smartphones made up 78% of all smartphones shipped, compared to 17.6% for iPhones. The fact that iOS led in revenue, however, still shows that iOS is still the more enticing operating system for developers and advertisers. For now.

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One Response to “Android beats out iOS in mobile ad traffic for first time ever, iOS still leads in ad revenue”

  1. Considering the source, I’ll believe it if reputable confirmation shows up.

    Also, considering the incredible marketshare difference + the vast disparity in Android apps overwhelmingly using ads rather than being paid apps, that’s sad that all Android did was pull even.

    With 60% of all Android impressions being Samsung, wouldn’t it be more honest to just say Samsung phones seem to be pulling almost as many ads as Apple?

    The same report also discussed unique impressions. Turns out, in the UK market they sampled, the iPhone 38% of ads accounted for 62% of the unique hit (actual numbers of different users). Meanwhile, the Android 42% was just 18.58% of unique hits. In plain english, a very minuscule number of Android’s 70% marketshare is responsible for the vast majority of their ad hits. That’s very bad news, indeed for advertisers.

    The likelihood of that tiny sliver of the same users being hit with 90% of Android ads means competition for their dollars (and actual sales, which is what matters to advertisers) is incredibly steep.

    Meanwhile, iOS is chugging along just fine with it’s 38% of ad viewing spread across a huge swath of users.

    Numbers may not lie, but the truth counts.