Android is all about options, and that means the freedom to completely rip off an iOS feature (albeit an iOS feature that was inspired by various other sources, including Android itself). Quick Control Panel presents your most-used apps, along with toggles for data, WiFi, Bluetooth, Speaker, and Orientation Lock. You can adjust the brightness of your device’s screen, and the volume of both calls and media. It even displays your music when playing, allowing you to skip or pause.

Quick Control Panel works best on devices with on-screen buttons, as it replaces the built-in Google Now gesture of swiping up. Most of these features are obviously available throughout Android — some just a simple swipe down from the notification bar away — though those familiar with Control Center on iOS may prefer this implementation. The design of Quick Control Panel is simple, and follows Google’s latest cards motif. It works great on higher-end devices, though older smartphones may have some problems loading the panel as quickly.

I did try to install it on my Nexus 7, and while it works, the experience isn’t optimal. On a larger display, the panel seems out of place and poorly designed.

There’s a free version available, while the premium version is only $1.86.

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