The LG V50 ThinQ made its somewhat unexpected debut back at MWC 2019 with a fairly imminent debut scheduled for soon after. However, LG has just announced that, in its home country of Korea, the LG V50 is being delayed until further notice.

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Originally, the LG V50 ThinQ was set to make its debut on April 19th, this Friday. While there’s never been any word on international or US releases for the device, the V50 was set to hit Korea shortly after the country’s 5G network went online this month.

LG says that this delay was to “concentrate on the completeness” of the device in order to make a better product for its customers. Apparently, LG is working “closely” with Qualcomm in order to improve the 5G service.

Unfortunately, LG is giving absolutely no indication on when the LG V50 ThinQ will go on sale, only saying the release date would be confirmed “later.” For the time being, the device is simply delayed until further notice. Presumably, the delay is due to something relatively major, as the company says that it wants to ensure that LG V50 buyers “do not experience any inconvenience.”

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