November 8

Amazon Photos for Android redesign copies some Google Photos features [Gallery]

Amazon Photos is one of the better alternatives to Google Photos thanks to its value, but its app has never been particularly impressive on Android. Now, almost exactly a year after a redesign on iOS, Amazon is giving its Photos app on Android the same treatment.


Google Photos gains holiday card-ready collages as Gboard Emoji Kitchen freezes over

Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, Google Photos is launching an easy way to create delightful holiday card collages, while Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is gaining a flurry of wintry combinations.

November 4

Google Photos automatic Shared Albums: How to create and manage them for others

Sharing photos with others goes beyond sending them in messaging apps like Telegram. Google Photos Shared Albums do a great job of housing your favorite photos with friends and family – Google Photos can even add pictures of people automatically. Here’s how it works.

November 6

Google Messages tests gallery-focused redesign of its photo picker

Google previewed that a number of new features are coming to Messages last month, but one that didn’t get highlighted is a new photo picker that’s starting to appear for some users.

November 17

November Google Play System updates: New Android photo picker, Wallet tweaks [U]

Google has begun previewing the latest changes to Android as part of November’s Google Play System updates, including improvements for Wallet and parental controls. Update: Google is bringing its updated photo picker to nearly every Android device, including ones that are quite outdated.

November 7

Adobe Lightroom adds support for RAW photos from Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro cameras

Adobe has officially added support for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in Lightroom, making it easier to edit RAW images shot on Google’s latest cameras.


YouTube Music rolls out 2022 Recap with personalized stories [U: More stats in email]

Following the first annual summary last year and subsequent seasonal ones, YouTube Music is starting to roll out the 2022 Recap today.

November 17

Google keeps iMessage in mind when allaying concerns of iPhone to Pixel 7 switchers and gifters

Google has said a lot about RCS and iMessage in recent months, and the iPhone-only solution is top of mind as it starts a Pixel 7 holiday push aimed at switchers.

November 16

Amazon starts cutting jobs through Alexa and Luna cloud gaming divisions

After a recent “cost-cutting review,” Amazon has started cutting jobs through the company, with layoffs quickly hitting those who worked with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Luna.

November 8

How to take RAW pictures on your Google Pixel

It’s no secret that Pixel phones – especially the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro – take downright fantastic photos. Of course, it’s always nice to have RAW images so you have a little more freedom in your editing process. This guide will take you through enabling RAW file picture capture on your Google Pixel.

November 9

How to import and edit your Pixel’s RAW photos with Adobe Lightroom

With all three cameras on the Pixel 7 Pro and two main sensors on the Pixel 7, you’re bound to get some stunning shots. What makes them even better is a healthy amount of editing, based on your style. This guide will take you through exporting your RAW photos from your Pixel and importing them […]

November 25

Every Google app with an Android tablet UI [U: Home, Search]

At I/O 2022, Google announced that it will update over 20 of its first-party apps for large screens in a show of its commitment to the form factor. This will undoubtedly improve the experience for existing owners and is meant to encourage other developers to do the same. Here’s every Google app on Android that […]

November 1

Google Lens added to the google․com homepage

Google Lens will only become more important going forward, and one sign of that is its addition to the homepage today.

How to take a screenshot on your Pixel Watch

Believe it or not, there are countless reasons to take a screenshot on your smartwatch. This guide will take you through the process of taking a screenshot on your Pixel Watch using your phone.

November 9

Google Contacts getting a large Material You homescreen widget

While we wait for YouTube’s to go back live, Google Contacts is in the process of getting a new Android widget that lets you more prominently place a person on your homescreen.

November 8

Report: Fitbit working on cellular wearable for kids after canceling camera smartwatch

Fitbit on Friday previewed what’s to come besides the “premium” Wear OS smartwatch that it teased last year. In addition to that, a new report reveals work on “Project Eleven” to create a Fitbit-branded kids wearable with cellular. 

November 18

Comment: Google (through YouTube) might as well build a Twitter competitor

A text-first social network that’s centralized, fast to post, and simple to consume should always exist. Twitter looks to be actively imploding (though it will probably limp through, like MySpace), and I think Google — more specifically YouTube — should just bite the bullet and replicate it.

November 23

Gift Guide: Google smart home essentials to automate your holidays

There is more to your home than meets the eye. Some of your regular old appliances and non-smart technology can tap into the power of the Google Assistant, and we have the perfect gifts to turn friends, relatives, or your own home into a certified Google smart home.

November 18

Verizon Test Drive lets you try 5G free for 30 days with an eSIM – How to get started on your Pixel

Verizon has been a huge name in cellular networking for ages, though many smaller and more affordable companies have appeared as of late and have become more appealing. Looking to show customers what they’re missing, Verizon is launching a new Test Drive program that lets you try 5G on a free trial basis.


Here are the first things you should set up in Google Messages on your Android phone

Google Messages is absolutely rich with features. The RCS app’s selection of settings makes it a fantastic default messaging app for the Google Pixel or any Android phone. This guide will take you through everything we think you should set up in Google Messages on your Android device.

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