channel Stories February 16, 2015

Google debuts Chinese version of its developer YouTube channel


Google today launched a new version of its developer-focused YouTube channel, continuing the company’s expansion into the Chinese market. Ironically, YouTube is still blocked by China’s nationwide firewall, so users interested in taking advantage of the channel will need to find other ways to access its content.

The English-language version of the channel contains resources for developers creating Android apps, web content, and other software projects. The Chinese channel currently only features two introductory channels, but will likely contain localized versions of new videos from the English channel.

channel Stories February 13, 2015

Google launches Android WebView beta channel for developers

Google today announced that it’s launching a beta channel or Android WebView, the API many apps use to display webpages. Google noted that with Android 5.0 Lollipop, it now “has the ability to update WebView independently.” It will begin to allow developers to use the new beta channel for testing the latest updates to WebView starting today:

WebView updates bring numerous bug fixes, new web platform APIs and updates from Chromium. If you’re making use of the WebView in your app, becoming a beta channel tester will give you an early start with new APIs as well as the chance to test your app before the WebView rolls out to your users.

Developers interested in becoming beta testers can join the community here in order to sign up for the program and install the WebView beta from Google Play.

channel Stories January 26, 2015

Official NFL YouTube channel launches w/ highlight reels, video in Google Search ahead of Super Bowl XLIX

Google and the NFL have struck a deal—just in time for the Super Bowl—to bring a plethora of in-game footage to YouTube, and the Mountain View company says that it’s also putting some of that content directly in Google search results. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stream any entire games, but you will be able to catch some of the most important moments. Google says that “no way he caught that” plays from Odell Beckham Jr. will definitely be showing up on YouTube at one point or another.

It’s pretty simple: On any screen you watch YouTube, NFL’s YouTube channel will bring you the sights and sounds this week in Arizona, from pre-game analysis to the highlights that everyone will be talking about. After the Super Bowl, don’t let the worst Monday of the year get you down. NFL’s YouTube channel will post more videos all through the offseason.

Highlights from Super Bowl XLIX will be the first content to hit the channel, but Google says that the NFL will be posting plenty of content through the offseason. You’ll be able to pick up right where you left off at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season, when you can expect the channel to blow up with all kinds of new videos and analysis. And, as a bonus, Google says that it’s making it super easy to find this content; all you have to do is search for the name of your favorite team in a Google search.

channel Stories October 31, 2014

Google Play Movies & TV channel now available on Roku

Just in time for the weekend and binge watching all of your favorite TV shows and movies, Roku announced on Friday that it has added Google Play Movies & TV to its Channel Store in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. The channel is available for current-generation Roku players, while Roku TV support is coming soon.

channel Stories March 24, 2014



After spending about a month and a half in the beta channel, Chrome is rolling out Google Now notifications to all Chrome users. To activate the feature, Google says to sign in with the same Google account used on Android (or iOS).

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channel Stories May 15, 2013

YouTube-Live-StreamingYouTube has been allowing live streaming from a number of select partner channels over the last year for everything from sports events to hangouts with politicians and today it is finally expanding live streaming to others.

A post on the YouTube Creator blog today announced that all channels with over one thousand subscribers (as long as the channel is in good standing) will now be able to apply to have live streaming capabilities:

  • You get real-time transcoding in the cloud, so you only need to send us your highest quality stream and we make it instantly available in all resolutions and device formats
  • You can show multiple camera angles, add closed captions, and insert ads and slates
  • Viewers can watch the live stream from any device, get the best quality constantly adjusting to their Internet connection, and can skip back and forth in the live stream

You can check if your account is eligible by navigating to Account Features and checking for an “Enable” button for YouTube Live.

The feature will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

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