Chrome 66 Stories May 15, 2018

The tentpole feature in Chrome 66 is a new set of autoplay restrictions aimed at reducing annoying videos that automatically start playing back. However, since it was released last month, the policies have negatively affected games and other web experiences. In response, Google today removed a part of the feature, delaying its launch until later this year.

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Chrome 66 Stories April 27, 2018

Following a release to Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android last week, version 66 is now rolling out to Chrome OS. Besides media autoplay restrictions and password export, this update contains a number of small tweaks, as well as Meltdown mitigations for all Chrome OS devices.

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Chrome 66 Stories April 19, 2018

Chrome 66 for Windows adds ‘Oculus hardware support’ to use WebVR apps

Chrome 66 rolled out earlier this week with a new password export feature and restrictions to when media can autoplay. On Windows, this update also adds support to view web-based virtual reality apps through an Oculus VR headset.

Chrome 66 Stories April 17, 2018

Following the Mac, Windows, and Linux release earlier this afternoon, Chrome 66 is now rolling out to Android. There are several design tweaks with this update, but most still require a flag to enable. Meanwhile, there are changes to when media can autoplay, as well as the usual security and developer features.

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Chrome 66 is rolling out today on Mac, Windows, and Linux with a number of user-facing features and policy changes that have been in development for the past several months. This includes new media autoplay behavior, blocking third-party software, and other security changes.

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Chrome 66 Stories March 23, 2018

Chrome OS adds support for Android’s inline notification replies

With the arrival of Android apps on more and more Chrome OS devices, Google has slowly been revamping the OS to improve its functionality with those apps. Now, Google has just massively improved notifications on Chrome OS with the arrival of inline replies.

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