Chrome 72 Stories February 19, 2019

An “experiment” in Chrome 72 is causing a bug that breaks certain extensions, including ad blockers, extensions that integrate with Gmail, and some VPNs. Thankfully it’s easy to fix, and get your extensions back to working as expected.

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Chrome 72 Stories February 8, 2019

Following last year’s Google Material Theme and complete launcher redesign aimed at tablets and other touchscreen devices, Chrome OS 72 is rolling out today. This big release brings Android 9 Pie to more Chromebooks and features a handful of other notable changes to Assistant, Cast, and PiP.

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Chrome 72 Stories January 29, 2019

After first rolling out on Android this release cycle, the latest version of Google Chrome is now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. On desktops, Chrome 72 removes the ability to setup Chromecasts from the web and revamps browser settings.

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Chrome 72 for Android rolling out with Incognito media controls/notifications

Once every few releases, Chrome for Android hits the stable channel before the Mac, Windows, and Linux update. Chrome 72 this morning is rolling out to Android. On the security and privacy front, media player notifications for Incognito content are now masked, but this is otherwise a minor mobile release.

Chrome 72 Stories January 2, 2019

Chrome OS gained a whole host of new applications to use last year when Google officially released Linux apps support, internally known as Crostini. Unfortunately, many of these Linux apps looked very small on Chrome OS devices like the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, which have high resolution displays. The latest Chrome OS Developer build includes a new, simple display density fix to get your Linux apps looking correct.

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Chrome 72 Stories December 30, 2018

The Chromecast celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and was Google’s first big hardware success. It is a very affordable and easy to use streaming device, though an upcoming update next month will remove the ability to set the dongle up from Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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