Chrome 71 Stories November 8

Earlier this week, Google announced that Chrome would remove ads from sites with persistently abusive experiences. The browser will soon protect against sites that try to trick users into unintended charges and paid subscriptions.

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Chrome 71 Stories November 5

Earlier this year, Google Chrome gained an ad blocker governed by standards from the Coalition for Better Ads. It builds on other work to combat abusive experiences on the web. Chrome is now working on additional protections that will remove ads entirely from sites that are persistently home to abusive user experiences.

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Chrome 71 Stories October 25

With the latest stable version rolled out to Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, Chrome 71 is now in the beta channel. At the moment, this release is more focussed on introducing a slew of new features that developers can take advantage of than user-facing ones.

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Chrome 71 Stories October 22

Chrome OS ‘Better Together’ integration w/ Android Messages rolling out on Developer channel

One aspect where Google has lagged behind Apple is in the creation of a coherent ecosystem, where each piece contributes to a greater whole. However, this is beginning to change. With Chrome OS’s “Better Together” initiative, Google promises to connect their laptop and smartphone operating systems. The first step of the plan is being tested now, with Android Messages integration.

Chrome 71 Stories October 18

Chrome OS has been shaping up to be the all-in-one system, combining the best of Google’s ecosystem, including Android apps, with the power of Linux apps. The latter is still in beta phase with improvements and new features in every update. Today we take a look at some of the features coming soon to Chrome OS Linux apps. expand full story

Chrome 71 Stories October 15

Google again delaying Chrome autoplay policies that impact games, web apps

Chrome 66 in April introduced restrictions that prevent annoying videos with sound from autoplaying. However, these new policies came to the detriment of web games and other experiences, with Google in May partly delaying them. Once set to return with Chrome 70 this month, Google is again pushing back these policies.

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